Tips For Noche Buena: Making A Wine and Cheese Platter

Tips For Noche Buena: Making A Wine and Cheese Platter


Opening up a bottle of wine and pouring ourselves a glass, we learned to enjoy the little things. Here we learn how to create a wine grazing platter to toast too for surviving the year 2020. 

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In the sense of togetherness regardless of a crowd, The Grazing Home shares the warmth of the season. They tell us their top trick and tricks on the perfect wine pairings and creating a stylish yet still tasty grazing platter.

Miguel Cerin, owner of The Grazing Home says that every holiday gathering food plays an essential part, “Big or small groups share a warm home-cooked food, a specialty dish, sweet baked goods or a well-curated charcuterie, food is always there, being shared and being enjoyed by everyone.”

The larger-scale charcuterie board is synonymous with the festive period and has become a growing trend as the creative dining option for almost any party. It’s functional, visually stunning, and quite simple to execute. You can shop for the individual ingredients but there are also graze boxes available that already includes savory meats, an array of cheeses, fruits, nuts, and various finger food options. “Whether you’re spending the festivities alone, which we hope you are not, we at The Grazing Home would be delighted to be part of your holiday table. It’s time to give your lonely wine some company, with the curated box of selected cheeses, premium cold cuts, fruits, and a lot more, our graze boxes provide nothing but the best grazing experience,” Cerin says.

The Tips And Tricks

Having a grazing board gives off a sense of opulence and comfort to the holiday table without having to waste time or money. Cerin shares with us his pointers to achieve a stylish and tasty grazing platter that the family can enjoy and mingle over.

  1. Hygiene is priority, so remember to wash your hands throughly before setting up the platter. Also take into account the quantity of people that you will be serving.
  2. Start with the larger items and the pro tip is to use the smaller items, like nuts and dried fruits, to fill the empty spaces.
  3. What follows next is the fun part, he then recommends playing with a variety of texture, taste, and color but keeping in mind both taste and visual.
  4. Lastly, to keep it chilled and only take it out at least half an hour before serving to ensure freshness.

We may be missing out on a lot of traditions but with the help of the likes of The Grazing Home, we can still raise a glass and toast to new ones. “We may skip on being physically together this holiday season but may this not stop us from sharing the yuletide warmth, even virtually. Merry Christmas and always be safe,” Cerin says. Let’s enjoy a night still as colorful and gratifying as a grazing feast.

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