7 Best Tips From Stars Who Appeared On Vogue’s Beauty Secrets Videos

7 Best Tips From Stars Who Appeared On Vogue’s Beauty Secrets Videos


From achieving Catriona Gray’s fluffy eyebrows to Olivia Rodrigo’s signature winged liner, learn from the half-Filipino stars who have appeared on Vogue’s Beauty Secrets videos.

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With the announcement of Vogue Philippines, the ultimate fashion bible arriving on September 2022, Filipino fans are already nominating several names from local celebrities, models to artists to appear on its pages. Some Filipino beauties however have already been featured by appearing on their very own Vogue Beauty Secrets video. Sharing their best tips from full glamour to everyday skincare routines, and even how to deal with common Filipina beauty challenges such as foundation matching and having a darker upper lip line.

To help you out, here are the 7 best beauty tips according to the Filipino stars and their Vogue Beauty Secrets video:

Catriona Gray

Beauty Tip: Use Eyelash Glue For Your Eyebrows

Quickly appearing in the series and numerous other Vogue articles after winning the Miss Universe title in 2018, Catriona Gray recreated her smoky gold eyes and a red lip for her video. Since Catriona had to be picture perfect all day, she uses eyelash glue to achieve fluffy brows that will stay in place. And don’t worry eyelash glue comes out white but it does dry down clear, the beauty queen reminds the viewers.

Kelsey Merritt

Beauty Tip: Natural Ingredients Are Your Best Friend

Kelsey Meritt is the first Filipino to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway. A proud Kapampangan, she starts her routine by using coconut oil for her body and aloe vera extracted directly from the plant to moisturize her scalp. The rest of her makeup routine follows, only accentuating­­–not hiding–her natural features with a nude lip, a light concealer that still shows her freckles, and a bronze blush. 

Vanessa Hudgens

Beauty Tip: Finish Up With Powder If You Have Oily Skin 

Having cooked adobo for her High School Musical cast mates, actress and broadway star Vanessa Hudgens is very vocal about her Filipino roots. She shares in her video how she has oily skin and yellow undertones due to her heritage. And since she loves to have fun with her night-out look, she always pats a finely milled compact powder all over the face to avoid the rest of her makeup from melting off. She then uses the same powder to blend everything together before heading out.

Olivia Rodrigo

Beauty Tip: Do Your Eyeliner Wings First

A fourth-generation Filipina, Olivia Rodrigo was undoubtedly the breakout star of last year. Her signature youthful look is never complete without a dainty cat-eye flick to elongate her eyes. In her video, she tells the viewers that she starts by doing both wings first with a liquid eyeliner before filling the out the rest to make it more even.

Shay Mitchell

Beauty Tip: Layer On Your Face Masks

The voice of the English-dubbed Filipino series “Trese”, Shay Mitchell is a Canadian-Filipina actress whose mother is also from Pampanga. The most interesting tip she shares is that she prates multi-masking. She uses one for the under eyes, the forehead, the famous Asian V-lifting chin mask, and also a boob mask, all at the same time. She then massages in a moisturizer on her neck as her skin soaks in the serums. The result? A glowing face and décolletage.

Hailee Steinfield

Beauty Tip: Cream Products Are Great Multi-taskers

In case you didn’t know, Hailee Steinfeld’s mom is a Filipina interior designer from Bohol. One skincare tip she learned from her is that sunscreen is always a priority. But for her makeup routine, Steinfeld likes to keep it fast and easy by using cream products that can double as a blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Her choice is one in a peach-nude shade for a light monochromatic look.

Bella Poarch

Beauty Tip: Apply Red Blush Precisely To Look Sun-Kissed

Bella Poarch was born and raised in the Philippines until she was 13 years before moving to the United States. Today, she’s one of the most famous TikTok stars who’s also known for her sun-burned makeup look. In her video, she talks about taking inspiration from anime characters who always have vibrant red cheeks. Her trick is to use your fingers to precisely put it just right about your under eyes and the bridge of your nose.

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