Here’s Full Proof On How Relatable The “TNT Kilig Trio” Really Is

Here’s Full Proof On How Relatable The “TNT Kilig Trio” Really Is


The “TNT Kilig Trio”, composed of Thai stars Mario Maurer (Crazy Little Thing Called Love), Gulf Kanawut (TharnType: The Series) and Nonkul Chanon (Bad Genius), divulge all—from pandemic struggles, dream travel destinations and even what makes their hearts flutter. 

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During May of this year, Philippines’ biggest prepaid brand TNT, introduced their new brand ambassadors—three of Thailand’s biggest idols. These stars, though of a different culture, certainly are not strangers to Filipinos. The announcement of the latest endorsers caused quite the stir from fans of the so-called “Thai Invasion” that’s been gaining traction in the pop culture scene.

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Thai produced content has been earning more and more praise. So much that it is seen to even potentially rival the K-wave that many Filipinos are so enamored with as well. For these very reasons, the TNT trio’s first fan meeting last May, TNTCON 2021, was a big success. And now they’re back and ready to spread more “kilig-saya” this holiday season via the “TNT Kilig Fest Christmas Special”!

It seems that fans are truly signed up for fun, kilig and saya as the boys are pretty approachable and not intimidating at all to interact with. In a casual interview with the press, the three were able to show how relatable they are despite being renowned actors. 

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Full proof of the aforementioned lies in how the trio answered the question of where they’d first travel to and what they’d do once the pandemic is finally over. To which Mario quickly answered, “I want to go diving in the Philippines. Because they have beautiful seas there, with a lot of corals. So I want to witness those.” Nonkun followed with, “Personally, I just want to be able to not wear a mask and walk anywhere that I want…” Gulf then shared that his dream destination is actually Switzerland. 

It’s easy to see and feel from their genuine replies that they, too, have desires that many easily share—especially during this pandemic. Who doesn’t miss going to the beautiful beaches of the Philippines? Who isn’t tired of donning masks wherever they go and who wouldn’t dream of having Switzerland as their travel destination? 

TNT’s kilig trio truly hold a relatable image as they even shared that they, too, are big fans of some of our Filipina actresses. For Nonkul, he wants to work with veteran actress Marian Rivera. His desire to be in one project with the “senior” stems from watching and being impressed by her previous endeavors. Mario, who has already acted with several Filipino actors and actresses such as Erich Gonzales before, would love to engage in a project with fellow TNT endorser Sue Ramirez. Mario adds that it is also because he finds her very beautiful and talented. Nonkul and Mario’s choices definitely don’t make our eyebrows raise, as we, too, are aware of the beauty and flair for acting these Filipina stars hold. Gulf, on the other hand, was willing to work with anyone in the Philippine entertainment industry. 

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In true kilig fashion, the boys also gladly told the crowd what makes their heart flutter. Unanimously they agreed that it is the fans and their excitement that brings them to a state of kilig. Mario and Nonkul added though that it is also their family and loved one’s undying support and praise for their endeavors that make their hearts warm and flutter. Honestly though, what makes us kilig is Mario, Nonkul and Gulf! 

Supporters of the idols don’t have to wait for long, as the “TNT Kilig Fest Christmas Special” is slated to be on Dec 28, Tuesday at 7 PM in the GigaPlay mobile app. This event is exclusive for TNT and Smart subscribers. During the said affair, fans can eagerly expect performances, interviews and 1-on-1 Q&A’s. If that doesn’t bolster your excitement, then check this out: the event will also cover an online fan meeting with live games and thrilling prizes! 

TNT Kilig Fest Christmas
Photo Courtesy of Publicity Asia

“Our subscribers can always rely on TNT when it comes to bringing happiness to more Filipinos. And as we close 2021, we want to reinforce this commitment to gift our customers with a healthy dose of ‘saya’ and ‘kilig’ with the help of our Thai endorsers Mario, Nonkul, and Gulf” said Jane J. Basas, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart.

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