To Infinity and Beyond: Filipino Designer RC Caylan And His Rise In Global Fashion Weeks

To Infinity and Beyond: Filipino Designer RC Caylan And His Rise In Global Fashion Weeks


Now that he has two Paris Fashion Week shows under his belt, RC Caylan is definitely set to takeover the global fashion stage

The concept behind infinity depicts something that lasts forever for as far as the eye can see it—this is Filipino designer RC Caylan’s vision for his Spring/Summer 2023 collection entitled “Infinity.” Made from fine silk, sequin, embroidery, and ostrich feathers, each piece transformed into the epitome of opulence, creativity, and wearable fashion. But how did Caylan make it to the Paris Fashion Week stage, and what else is this homegrown talent bringing to the international fashion scene?

“When you think of an infinity pool, the view of the water seems to go on and on, and so the view from this collection merited this name,” Caylan shares. “It’s so hard to just narrow it down to just one favorite look. But definitely, the white ball gowns for my finale are very special. The amount of detail, the mesmerizing look of someone wearing it and feeling like a princess, the belle of the ball—[these thoughts] make it incredibly special.”

Similar to what he does in all his shows, his preparation started with a single, pivotal idea. Looking out into the world of fashion, it’s important for him that he studies what’s in the market and what’s been done before. On top of developing something new every time he releases a collection, particularly a line that is trendy and also wearable, he makes it a point to visualize the dresses being worn by a celebrity or one of his clients. 

As always, Caylan admits that there are lots of challenges to overcome. With the many changes and growth happening with his eponymous brand, the challenges were endless. Between overseeing the atelier, preparing for client weddings, and working long hours almost everyday in order to complete the collection in time for Paris Fashion Week—for him, this seems like his biggest test of resiliency yet.

“I think the biggest challenge is probably to yourself,” Caylan reveals. “You ask yourself if you can do this, if you’re really built for this. And once you get to the point of building your brand, then comes other people asking you the very same thing! Needless to say, I’ve had a lot of naysayers telling me that it could not be done. But I’m a hard worker and I’ve always been determined to reach my goals. And the result? I opened my first atelier in Grand Rapids, MI. I’ve had the privilege to showcase at LAFW, NYFW, Arab Fashion Week in Dubai, and now, my second show at Paris Fashion Week.” 

There have been multiple celebrities who have worn Caylan’s dresses for red carpet events, some of which were Emmy Award winners. His designs have also been featured in some of fashion’s major magazines like Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE, and Marie Claire.

“Being able to showcase at Paris Fashion Week really is a dream!” Caylan exclaims, beaming with pride. “I mean all the major brands have huge ateliers there and a presence on the runway. People from all over the world travel to Paris to see the shows! So yes, it’s humbling, exciting, and it further motivates me to continue putting in the work that’s required to be here, and enjoying the journey as well.”

When it comes to his fashion ideology, Caylan is very big on fashion being wearable. Creating out-of-this-world concepts that embody opulence and creativity while maintaining the pieces’ wearability rests in his core as a designer. Caylan also creates dresses for various body types—all shapes and sizes considered. And what he truly wants the world to know? That RC Caylan is truly inclusive and that his objective is to make one look their absolute best and beautiful.

“Filipinos are some of the hardest working people I know.” Caylan says with admiration. “Therefore, my advice for Filipino designers is to continue working hard. Continue to learn and apply yourself. Take constructive criticism, but most importantly, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. I would love to see more and more Filipino designers make it internationally, and not just back home. There’s so much room for us to not only succeed individually, but also to inspire collectively!”

RC Caylan is a constantly developing brand, and so the fashion industry is bound to be blown away by the meticulous designer’s future plans. Currently, they have haute couture, ready couture, prêt-à-porter, and bridal. Soon, Caylan will be adding fashion accessories, as well as items for the home. They really are aiming to have RC Caylan as a one-stop-shop for anything and everything fashion and lifestyle. 

As his most recent collection entails, Caylan is in the steady trajectory of creating masterpieces to infinity and beyond.

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