Top 3 Highlights From the MEGA Active Body and Mind Escape in Bali

Top 3 Highlights From the MEGA Active Body and Mind Escape in Bali


We look back at three moments from MEGA Active’s Wellness Weekend in Bali that helped strengthen our bodies and minds

There are ways to strengthen your mental and physical abilities even while relaxing on vacation. MEGA Active Body and Mind Escape—our first-ever weekend getaway in Bali and co-presented by Pharmaton—made this known to its guests through a wide range of activities. Here, we list down our top three, and the best thing about them is that you can bring these ideas back home to integrate into your daily lifestyle.

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The Amazing Race by Pharmaton

Through MEGA Active’s co-presenter, Pharmaton, guests participated in challenges designed to get their minds and bodies working. For example, they played Seven Degrees of Separation and Rebus or Bust, which tests their creativity and ability to brainstorm. Team challenges and friendly competition that involved swimming and blindfolded walking made the experience an extra delight, too.

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Shortly after the amazing race, the guests were guided through an invigorating yoga session. Yoga is a known mind-body exercise that plenty of studies suggests is beneficial for one’s mental and physical health.

With a day packed with activities, it’s imperative to have all the resources you need to keep you going. As Aiyana Perlas, one of the guests, testified online, she had all the energy to explore Bali thanks to Pharmation’s Energy Plus for optimum daily performance.

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Cooking class

Third but not least is Klook’s five-hour cooking class in Sukawati. Here, the guests walked through Sukawati’s local market scene to pick out their ingredients in order to make some iconic Balinese dishes, such as Soup Ayam, Bumbu Bali, Ayam Bumbu Bali, Sate Ayam Bumbu Kacang, Pepes Ikan, Mie Goreng, and Kolak Pisang. As a twist, Ginseng was also incorporated into the dishes, allowing guests to understand the benefits and importance of this healthy plant. Learning to make these delicious and nutritious dishes will undoubtedly spice up anyone’s diet back home.

Photography by EXCEL PANLAQUE

MEGA Active Body and Mind Escape was co-presented by Pharmaton and made possible by Dear Face, YOU Beauty, Céleteque, and Big Sky Nation. Travelers can also use our promo code MEGA5OFF when booking on Klook.

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