Transition Into The New Season With A Lob Like These Celebrities

Transition Into The New Season With A Lob Like These Celebrities


As we all know, bobs have made its way back into the spotlight this year. Recently, however, a popular variation of it has been spotted everywhere: the long bob– lob for short. Whether you’re transitioning into a different hairstyle or simply indecisive, the length proves to be suitable to all face shapes and hair types. See for yourself:

Photo from @juliabarretto on Instagram

1. Julia Barretto

Who says lobs have to be one length? Julia Barretto shows us how to rock a layered cut.

2. Julie Anne San Jose

Julie Anne San Jose demonstrates how one can easily elevate your look: by styling your hair pin-straight.

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Photo from @juansarte on Instagram

3. Maine Mendoza

The star gives her long bob a classy twist by wearing it to the side and pinning it back.

Photo from @delosreyesjason on Instagram

4. Gabbi Garcia

Looking as glamorous as ever, Gabbi Garcia wears her lob in a blowout.

5. Sarah Geronimo

Heading out? Get inspiration from Sarah Geronimo’s ‘do.

Photo from @jellyeugenio on Instagram

6. Nadine Lustre

If effortless is more your style, style your lob in textured waves the way Nadine Lustre does.

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