MEGA’s 6 Travel Essentials You Need To Buy Now

MEGA’s 6 Travel Essentials You Need To Buy Now


Whether you are flying first-class to Singapore, or have a business to attend to in San Francisco, we always make it a point that we travel in style. But with the tedious process of going through the airport security, our choices become limited on how to look posh while wearing comfortable clothes. Here are six travel essentials you need to buy now:

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MEGA’s 6 Travel Essentials You Need To Buy Now


Known for producing the lightest luggage in the world, Rimowa is on a roll when it comes to product design innovation. This Rimowa Cabin Plus is the world’s first ever polycarbonate suitcase in order to provide the best high-tech functionality for traveling. (Around US$650)

MEGA’s 6 Travel Essentials You Need To Buy Now

Tote Bag

If there is a bag that should be a lady’s best friend it should be the Tote bag. As it brings everyone so much ease and class as you go through the things inside of it, a bag like Givenchy’s MC3 tote bag in blue leather with an orange GIVENCHY signature on a red terrycloth band is undeniably a travel essential. (US$2,400)

MEGA’s 6 Travel Essentials You Need To Buy Now


Transferring airport terminals or exploring the city requires a lot of walking and can become tiresome, but this can actually be prevented by wearing comfortable shoes like Tod’s. Being inspired from a biker’s perspective, this Gommino moccasins proves that it may be worn from one place to another. (Around US$450-550)


Don’t be dull when it comes to sunglasses, but rather dare to go bold with this trendy Tom Ford cat-eye sunglasses with a combination of metal and lens on the front while there is also a metal “T” logo on the temple. (US$495)

MEGA’s 6 Travel Essentials You Need To Buy Now


Hermes scarves are a power accessory. With its bold pop of colors, this Hermes giant scarf in silk twill adds more depth in everyone’s style personality as you strut the airport hallways or stroll along the metropolis. (US$780)

MEGA’s 6 Travel Essentials You Need To Buy Now

Passport Holder

Up your style game by giving your passport its own personal sleeve. Get this personalized passport holder from My LV World Tour collection as it finds expression in labels inspired by the private collection of the ardent collector Gaston-Louis Vuitton. (US$495)

Now as we are all excited to buy these travel essentials for our upcoming trips, there is another great and exciting news. With the latest launch of the Philippine National Bank’s (PNB) new PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Debit Mastercard, shopping can be much more beneficial for you.

Whenever you use your PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Debit Mastercard, you will instantly earn points when shopping or dining, and be able to convert these points to Mabuhay Miles allowing everyone to travel more often.

Enjoy five percent discount as well on select PAL international flights when you book online, so buy all of MEGA’s six travel essentials now and earn a huge amount of points as you shop!

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