Travel Like a Champion: Why Athletes Make the Ultimate Luggage Endorsers

Travel Like a Champion: Why Athletes Make the Ultimate Luggage Endorsers


From Messi to Hamilton, these athletes are dominating the luggage endorsement scene, elevating travel to a sport of its own

In recent months, many luggage brands now feature prominent athletes, from Olympic medalists to professional sports stars. At first glance, this pattern may appear unexpected; yet, it may be explained by a number of convincing factors. Read on and dive into the world of brand ambassadorship and discover why these esteemed labels adore having athletes as their representatives.

Sporting strength

Athletes luggage Lando Norris
Photo: TUMI (via Instagram)

Athletes, by their very nature, possess endurance and durability—exactly the traits that luggage companies hope to portray to their customers. For example, TUMI, a global leader in travel and leisure, just debuted a new marketing campaign for Fall 2023 called “Essentially Beautiful.” The project emphasizes that their newest offerings are as strong as their endorsers Formula One driver Lando Norris and professional football player Son Heung-min, instilling confidence and giving travelers peace of mind that their bags can weather any storm. 

The international appeal

Sports personalities often have a strong global fan base, and their appeal extends beyond borders. By teaming up with internationally recognized and revered athletes, these brands can penetrate the international market with ease and effectiveness. Aside from that, athlete ambassadors can help bridge cultural gaps and connect with travelers from diverse backgrounds, making their endorsement campaigns more inclusive and relatable.

Genuine journeys 

Athletes luggage Lewis Hamilton
Photo: LEWIS HAMILTON (via Instagram)

One of the prime factors that sets athletes apart as exceptional brand ambassadors is their relatability. They’re not just your average movie stars or runway models; these are bona fide individuals who have risen to the top through grit, determination, and an unyielding work ethic. This statement was epitomized by the German luggage manufacturer, Rimowa. In their latest campaign, they joined forces with F1 legend himself, Lewis Hamilton, and the French soccer superstar, Kylian Mbappé. They explained that the reason why these two gentlemen are leading the way with their luggages is to “show a more personal, human side to the global icons, joining each of them on the journeys that move them, showcasing not only where they travel, but [also] why.”

From the field to the feed 

In the world of sports, athletes reign supreme not only on the field, but also in the digital world. With a massive following that stretches into the millions, these sports icons undoubtedly dominate social media platforms like champions. For instance, Louis Vuitton signed Lionel Messi, the second-most followed person on Instagram, to represent their Horizon collection. 

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Redefining lifestyle

Athletes luggage redefining lifestyle
Photo: GLOBE-TROTTER (via Instagram)

And finally, countless luggage brands strive to transcend mere functionality, aiming to establish themselves as powerhouses that perfectly embody the aspirations and values of their clients. With their active and adventurous lifestyles, athletes have the power to help various luggage brands to effortlessly establish themselves as the ultimate travel companions on these thrilling adventures.

Featured Image: TUMI (via Instagram)

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