Traveling This 2020? These Countries Are Opening The World For Philippine Passport Holders

Traveling This 2020? These Countries Are Opening The World For Philippine Passport Holders


Before you start booking a flight, find out which countries are letting Philippine passport holders visit visa-free in 2020. Now, you can hop on that jetplane.

If flying off to somewhere is part of your new year’s resolution list, you must put in the work and check out these new visa rules. While applying for a visa in neighboring countries is about to become more hassle-free this 2020, traveling to other parts of the world like, Europe still requires an ample amount of preparation. With a growing number of Filipinos going in and out of the country for mostly leisure, the country has nurtured a good relationship with other countries, thus granting us these privileges that we are excited for.

Are the countries below part of your bucket list? If so, we’d be on the look out for flight deals ASAP.

Visa-free entry to South Korea 

Because there’s seemingly no end to the Filipino’s love for Korean culture, what could be better news for Filipinos touring Korea in 2020 than a visa-free entry to the Asian country? In South Korea’s “Plan for Promoting Foreign Tours,” The Ministry of Strategy and Finance and The Ministry of Justice will be allowing Philippine passport holders to obtain a visa-free entry to Korea for up to five days. While Filipino tourists can choose to arrive either at Incheon or Busan, but the final destination has to be Jeju Island. 

Extended Visa-free to Taiwan 

Plan a visit to Taiwan on or before July 2020 as their visa-free entry is extended as announced by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. Filipinos get the chance to spend 14 days upon arrival, enjoy Taiwan’s mouth-watering street foods, and splurge at market districts. With more direct flights and new routes to major cities in the Philippines, touring Taiwan is much more accessible than ever. 

Eligibility for E-Visa to Russia 

Explore the historic walls of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast without going through a hectic visa application is now a tangible possibility. Starting October 1, 2019, Filipinos who are traveling for ordinary business, tourist, and humanitarian visa are eligible for e-visa to stay in the Russian Federation for up to eight days. But what really is an e-visa? With a validity of 30 days from the issue date, an e-visa is free, yet single-entry to the country. Nevertheless, for those who wish to take an e-visa to Russia, tourists should have medical insurance covering the whole period of stay and they should depart through checkpoints of the Russian Federation constituents which they entered. 

Increase in Schengen Visa 

If you’re planning to take on a grand Euro trip in 2020, allotting more budget for visa application is necessary. After updating the Schengen Visa Code, the previously priced 60 euros Schengen visa is now 80 euros. As early as six months before the scheduled trip, Filipinos has to start filing for an application. Along with the 25 percent increase, external service providers may also charge a service fee lower than the visa fee, possibly summing up to 160 euros if they would follow allowable maximum service fee.

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