Treat Your Moms With These Celebrity-Inspired Gift Ideas

Treat Your Moms With These Celebrity-Inspired Gift Ideas


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, surprise your mom with these gift ideas inspired by their favorite celebrity moms

If you’re still in need of Mother’s Day gift ideas, look no further than these five celebrity moms. Whether your own mom loves shopping as much as Vicki Belo, appreciates words of affirmation like Chesca Garcia, or loves to cook like Judy Ann Santos, we’ve got you covered with a selection of celebrity-inspired gift ideas. 

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Vicki Belo

For moms like Vicki Belo who enjoy retail therapy once in a while, a shopping spree on Mother’s Day can be the best gift. Take your mom to the mall and introduce her to the latest fashion trends or buy her a unique fashion piece from her favorite store. To make it even more fun, why not pick out some pieces for her and let her experience being pampered through your chic fashion choices?

Photo: VICKI BELO (via Instagram)

Chesca Garcia 

If your mom is someone who cherishes sentimental keepsakes more than any luxurious gifts like Chesca, give her a heartfelt letter this Mother’s Day. Consider mentioning an emotional trip down memory lane, nostalgic photos from the past, and the sweetest words that even you can tear up to. We’re sure that your mom will treasure this letter for the years to come as her constant reminder that her hard work and love have paid off because her children grew up as thoughtful and loving individuals.

Photo: CHESCA KRAMER (via Instagram)

Marian Rivera

If your mother has Marian Rivera’s similar taste towards flowers, then you already know that she would feel valued with a beautiful bouquet this Sunday. Whether your mom sells flowers for a living like Marian or she simply admires the beauty of nature, this gift idea will surely make her smile this Mother’s Day. And if you want to go above and beyond, you can even opt to surprise her with a trip to a botanical garden.

Photo: MARIAN RIVERA (via Instagram)

Sunshine Cruz

Having a mom like Sunshine Cruz who loves fashion might enjoy matching outfits with you on Mother’s Day. Wearing similar clothing as you take a stroll on your Mother’s Day celebration is a great way to show off your special bond as mother and daughter. Whether it’s matching tees or coordinates, twinning can be a fun way to create memories that both of you will cherish forever.

Photo: ANGELINA CRUZ (via Instagram)

Judy Ann Santos

If your mom is a huge foodie, then you know that a way to her heart is through her stomach. This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom by giving her the best home cooked meal you could ever make. It may even be an iteration of her favorite dish to either eat or cook! It is now your turn to show appreciation for all the meals she prepared for you by treating her with a homemade meal of your own.

Photo: RYAN AGONCILLO (via Instagram)

Featured Image: MARIAN RIVERA (via Instagram)

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