Tried and Tested Fitness Trends to Carry Into the New Year

Tried and Tested Fitness Trends to Carry Into the New Year


Fitness industry trend projections from 2021 predicted that—with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions—things like hybrid gyms, personal training, and outdoor exercises would rise in popularity in 2022. And from what we’ve seen so far, the projections were correct, with fitness influencers leading the way in achieving holistic wellness. If you’re late to the party and want to see what the hype is all about, here’s a condensed list of this year’s top fitness trends.

Tech-assisted fitness

Wearable technology like Garmin smartwatches prove that fitness trackers have staying power when it comes to active lifestyles. While wearable fitness trackers have been around for years, the latest gadgets like Garmin’s vívosmart 5 show consumers that they can look forward to more features that could elevate their lifestyles. For example, the vívosmart 5 can track your stress and respiration to help you with your breathwork activity and understanding of it.

Apart from smartwatches and fitness trackers, what gained popularity this past year was gamified exercising or “gamercising.” Apps like Fitness RPG and games like Beat Saber on VR entice gamers into burning calories by introducing gaming concepts into the exercises so that working out could be more fun and sustainable for them. 

Outdoor activities

Nothing beats breaking a sweat while in the great outdoors. If you want to be active in an environment beyond your home or gym, we recommend activities like surfing to get your blood running. Surfing was especially popular at the beginning of this year due to its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020. If that’s not up your alley, why not try marathon running, obstacle course racing, or bouldering? Get inspiration from celebrities like Pia Wurtzbach who recently ran her first NYC Marathon or Joj Agpangan who finished her first Spartan Race. 

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Before diving headfirst into marathons and obstacle course races, train first. Notably, you begin training for the Spartan Race, for example, at Bridgetowne Obstacle Park in Pasig, which is now the world’s biggest obstacle park with 6,000 square meters and 25 obstacles. Meanwhile, bouldering beginners can first try their hand at Bouldering Hive, a 400-square-meter bouldering gym located in Makati. Since it’s a free climb, there’s no need for you to bring any equipment besides your rock climbing shoes.

Personal and online training

Getting a personal trainer or fitness coach is also a top priority in many people’s minds since workout routines aren’t a one-size-fits-all activity. It’s particularly recommended for those just beginning their fitness journeys because these trainers can design a program specific to your lifestyle, goals, and capabilities. All this can also be done online through streams, such as through The Movement Studio in BGC, or by discussing alternative options with your trainer.

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Inclusive fitness

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With trainers preaching sustainable fitness along with online and at-home workouts, fitness is all the more accessible these days since an active lifestyle can be achieved through the privacy of your own home. Slow but consistent movements through low-impact exercises like yoga have also been a trend to introduce beginners to a more active lifestyle. Not only that, but more and more brands have expanded the sizing options of their athleisure and sportswear lines, making sure that anyone can be free to begin their fitness journeys at any weight stage. One good example of this is the Tala collaboration with FILA, which showcases an inclusive line of comfortable athleisure that is sure to bring comfort to anyone.

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