Retail Therapy Just Got More Fulfilling With Trunc’s Mystery Box Auction In Partnership With #MentalHealthPH

Retail Therapy Just Got More Fulfilling With Trunc’s Mystery Box Auction In Partnership With #MentalHealthPH


Go shopping for a cause whilst helping build safer spaces for mental health matters.

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Today’s time paired with the unique circumstances all are in because of COVID-19, has a way of emphasizing that the only constant force in our midst is, in fact, change. Undeniably, the speed of change has accelerated to a pace that has left many feeling disconcerted, anxious and basically, emotionally drained. If there’s anything good that has stemmed from the recent events, it’s that more and more platforms from different industries have turned to raise awareness in recognition of mental health matters. Case in point: Trunc’s Mystery Box auction in support of #MentalHealthPH. 

In a way of giving back to the community and shedding light on the detrimental effects of recent events to the nation’s mental health, the multi-brand online marketplace has decided to give 100% of the proceeds from the biddings to the non-profit organization (NGO). This falls in line with one of #MentalHealthPH’s missions which is to propagate a culture in where issues regarding mental health are holistically addressed.

This partnership also comes in perfect tune with the Christmas shopping rush and the generous atmosphere that usually accompanies the arrival of the holiday season. By participating, one’s shopping translates to a safer space for those struggling with mental health. Here, retail therapy doesn’t just stay as a good feeling, but also converts to proactive support that eventually helps others to heal. If you’re residing in the Philippines and you’ve always had the heart for this advocacy, but don’t know how to help, this silent auction is a pretty good place to start. Make sure that you’ve placed your bids before the end of the auction on December 12.

To answer the “how’s” and “what’s,” here’s a quick rundown of how one can participate and what can be expected from the online event.

How To Join Trunc’s Mystery Box Auction

Simply create an account at and visit the site. The bidding event may also be accessed through the offers page in Trunc’s official website. In there, the Mystery Box banner may be clicked.

What Curated Items To Expect

Besides the joy of giving, each box also rewards the highest bidder with carefully curated premium to luxury items from sought after brands and labels such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Hogan, Tod’s, Bally, Furla, Coach, Charriol, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Calvin Klein, Nine West and many more. Mystery Boxes are definitely far from random as each is thoughtfully made with different recipients and fashion enthusiasts in mind. Here are the selection of mystery boxes that one may excitedly bid over. 

For the fashion fanatics that are into practical pieces, Fashion Forward is the way to go. In the case of a look-out for trendy must-haves, there’s the Trendsetter box. Someone looking for closet staples that are not bound by the fashion season? Classic Beauty is the perfect choice. There are also curated collections composed of leather goods and accessories to make sure that the receiver, whether a man or woman, is dressed to the nines. These are the Feminine Chic and For Him boxes. Trunc’s mystery box auction didn’t forget the kids, too! For the kiddoes, there’s Kid’s Surprise

Trunc’s shop-in-shop concepts are also part of the party. For example, there’s Powder Room for those who have an affinity for beauty and skincare essentials. On the other hand, Trunc At Home’s box delves more into home necessities. Last but not the least, Trunc Show sets cover a wide range of selections, from athleisure staples to fashionable casual kicks.

Once the mystery box/es are selected, an electronic bidding form will pop-up. It is good to take note that the minimum bidding values may vary depending on the chosen set. Generally, the numbers range from P5,000 to P98,000. Once the form is accomplished, an email can be expected to confirm the placed bid.  

One will be able to know that his/her bid has won via a notification through email or a text message. After which, payment should be settled prior to delivery to the registered address/es. 

SSI, the retailer behind Trunc, and its credibility can be dated way back the 1980s—during the group’s establishment. Hence, bidders can expect expertly curated collections comprised of notable and original specialty items that are sure to sate their luxury wants and needs. 

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