Turn Up the Beat With James Reid’s Newest Song “Jacuzzi”

Turn Up the Beat With James Reid’s Newest Song “Jacuzzi”


James Reid talks to MEGA Entertainment about the fun journey of creating his latest song, hoping it’ll get everyone moving

In the symphony of his ever-evolving artistry, James Reid has released his latest song, “Jacuzzi,” in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer DJ Flict and South Korean rapper B.I. In an exclusive interview with MEGA Entertainment, the singer-songwriter shared the creative process behind his newest track and dropped hints about the musical wonders he’s set to unveil in the days to come.

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His resonating roots

James Reid releases new song "Jacuzzi"

As he continues to bask in the glow of his accomplishments and embrace new avenues to expand his musical horizons, he takes a moment to reminisce about his modest beginnings as a recording artist. “I’ve gone through a lot of different processes. From making music in the bedroom without the proper equipment, using a sock instead of a pop filter over the mic, all the way up to working in some of the most legendary studios.” Reid could not help but express his amazement at getting the chance to lay down tracks in the very spaces where renowned international artists once left their mark, such as the studio where Bruno Mars recorded his hit album, 24K Magic.

“I’m always trying to outdo myself, test myself, and discover what makes me ‘me’ along the way.”

Looking back on his musical evolution, from his first song released in 2013 to his latest offering, he mentions that the journey to find his sound has been a lengthy one. Yet he is quick to admit that this artistic odyssey is far from over. As an artist, he shared that he believes that creativity thrives on constant change. Whether he’s crafting a new melody, delving into various business endeavors, or even refining his sartorial choices, it’s evident that this gentleman is the living embodiment of a clear commitment to transformation.

Get ready to dance

Talking about his latest musical creation, James’ objective is to simply let his listeners have fun as they groove to his tunes. “I wanted people to just be able to dance along to it. It’s a super fun track and it’s very sexual at the same time.” He went on to share that what truly strikes a chord with him in this song is its very first line, “If your body can tell me, let your story be told.” According to him, this sentence resonates deeply because it encapsulates the unspoken tales conveyed through dance and body language. At this stage of his musical journey, the record label executive shared that he is dedicated to delivering a series of dance-inducing tracks, all crafted to ensure his audience revels in his sound.

The art of collaboration

The singer shared that what gives “Jacuzzi” an added layer of significance for him is the memorable experience of crafting the song. He explained that his stint in Los Angeles the previous year opened doors to meetings with some of the industry’s most accomplished producers and artists, individuals he’s long held in high regard for their creative prowess. During this time, he had the pleasure of working closely with DJ Flict, a name synonymous with musical production excellence on a global scale. James couldn’t help but fondly recall the excitement of working with the American producer and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to connect with other artists, including the likes of Zach Sorgen.

“I sent him the track, and he got back to me immediately, and it was perfect. The way that he came into the song, his style, I think, really fits the music.”

James Reid on working with B.I

The singer also expressed gratitude for getting to work with B.I on this song, even giving a shout out to another song they collaborated on, “4 Letters.” Additionally, he thanked the Korean artist for dropping by in the Philippines during his European tour. “We have some more exciting stuff coming up together as well that the fans can look forward to, so stay tuned,” James teased. 

His next chapter

Along with all the thrilling surprises he has in store, James Reid shared with MEGA Entertainment that the music video for “Jacuzzi” is on its way, promising an exciting watch. “It’s my first time to have an actual music video with a Korean star, so I’m very excited for that,” he shared. It’s set to hit screens in November. Lastly, he even dropped hints about some big musical collaborations and the possibility of venturing into movies again. “But that’s all I can share for now,” he concluded with a grin.

Photos: JAMES REID (via Instagram)

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