Dr. Aivee Has Spoken: Real Collagen Solves Your Hair Problems

Dr. Aivee Has Spoken: Real Collagen Solves Your Hair Problems


Ever noticed those relentless frizzy hair strands poking out of your smooth hair? That’s tutchang, and we’re here to prove that real collagen is the solution to your tutchang problems

Ask yourself this: how often do you check yourself in the mirror? It may seem second nature to check your appearance every so often. According to a study, women spend almost an hour every day just focused on caring for their appearance. That’s equivalent to opening and closing your compact (or selfie camera) 60 times per day. If that’s the case, you might have noticed those tiny hairs sticking out of your head–better known as tutchang. Have you felt the urge to fix your hair and straighten all the stubborn tutchang? To know how to solve it, we must comb through the issue itself.

To the Root of the Problem

Excessive interaction and product use on your hair causes roughness, making it frizzy and unruly. This damage is furthered by the hair’s untreated outer layer, causing the enlargement of existing holes. And when these issues pile up, internal hair hydration is compromised. As much as we want to care for the strand’s surface, what happens on the inside matters too. These are the characteristics of tutchang, but a new breakthrough solution covers all grounds to ensure hair is in its most beautiful form, ending unruly hair problems all day.

The Hair Rescue

Our moments in the shower can become moments of rejuvenation for our hair problems. The new Pantene Collagen Miracle conditioner transforms hair from broken to beautiful with the help of its key ingredient, collagen. Unfamiliar with collagen, or perhaps still doubtful of its benefits? We clear the air surrounding this tutchang-busting ingredient with beauty expert Dr. Aivee Teo.

Pantene Collagen Miracle conditioner and treatment shot

What is collagen?

Teo: Collagen is a protein found in the bones, muscles, skin. It makes up most of our skin, and helps in keeping it look young, and fresh. Basically, it holds our body together. Our body naturally produces collagen but as we age, it produces less.

How does collagen work?

Teo: Collagen acts as an external scaffolding, improving your skin’s elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and retaining internal hydration. For hair, it provides the same benefits by wrapping each strand with additional strength and stability, keeping it smooth and protecting it from external insults, solving tutchang.

tutchang hair illustration with collagen conditioner
From left to right: Hair strand with regular conditioner; Hair strand with typical collagen conditioners; a revitalized hair strand with Pantene Collagen Miracle Conditioner (a creative illustration of the product in action while in use)

Regular conditioners, and even conditioners in the market today with simple collagen additives, stick to your hair strands in clumps, leaving a sticky residue after you wash. Also, current formulations use collagen ineffectively—protein strands fail to form a supportive and protective structure for the hair. With Pantene’s Collagen Miracle conditioner, every hair strand gets the benefits of Pro-V for hydration, Miracle Serum for smoothness, and real collagen for strength—no more tutchang in sight!

Learn more about collagen as we sit down and talk with Dr. Aviee Teo about it:

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