Which Type Of Summer Scent Is For You? This Local Brand Has It All!

Which Type Of Summer Scent Is For You? This Local Brand Has It All!


Are you looking for a summer scent that perfectly suits you? Not to fret—this local brand carries everyday fragrances with a wide range to choose from.

Since 2014, Whiff of Perfume has been grabbing the attention of celebrities, tastemakers and perfume enthusiasts. Founded by Mishy Co, the growing perfumery provides one with quality, long-lasting fragrances at affordable prices. From sweet floral scents to fresh fragrances, the brand carries a wide range of products suitable for any type of Filipina.
Here are our current favorite Whiff scents, categorized by type:

Fresh: Pacific Rain

Made with a refreshing blend of lime and woody cedar, Pacific Rain is a classic from the brand that is loved by both men and women. Clean and crisp, those who are a fan of fresh scents will easily fall in love with this.

Floral: Spring Floral Drops

With notes of jasmine, rose and peach, spritzing this on will automatically transport you to a beautiful garden. A floral fragrance with a hint of fruitiness, this everyday scent will surely bring a smile to your face.

Fruity: Mango Verde

In search of a fun, fruity scent that is perfect for the summer? Try their Mango Verde, the brand’s homage to Philippine fruits as it has  hints of green mango and dalandan. This scent is one of the three new scents the brand has produced, the other two being the floral Gardenia Bliss and the unique Pine & Lime Pleasure.

Musky: Autumn Dew

If musky scents are more your thing, Autumn Dew, with notes of pear, freesia and white musk, will be an automatic favorite. Both enigmatic and light at the same time, the scent is meant for any occasion, whether it be for an everyday wear or a dinner date.

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