Ultherapy® Continues To Champion Self-Love And Confidence In Their New Campaign, All It Takes Is U

Ultherapy® Continues To Champion Self-Love And Confidence In Their New Campaign, All It Takes Is U


We march into the world of aesthetics even further as Ultherapy® campaigns for self-love and confidence with their ambassador, Pia Wurtzbach

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There was a sudden rise in self-care and self-love during the pandemic. People found ways to better themselves in the safety of their homes and explored new practices that can give them the sense of their routine before the lockdown. But as we slowly retreat back to our normal groove, it’s time to open our doors to treatments that encourage us to embrace ourselves. 

In their recent #ALLITTAKESISU campaign launch held at The Shangri-La at the Fort, Ultherapy® put the spotlight on their brand ambassador and speakers as they walked us through their new campaign that championed nothing but self-love and confidence—traits that we all persevere to have, and a quality that Pia Wurtzbach continues to fight for.

Self-love and Ultherapy®—keys in fighting internal struggles

Celebrating its relaunch, an intimate talk was held to further dive into the world of beauty and the struggle to battle with insecurities on a daily basis. This was the very topic that not only raised awareness, but also grounded the humane aspect of being a public figure.

To officially begin the event, host Issa Litton invited Ultherapy® ambassador Pia Wurtzbach, Psychiatrist Dr. Ed Tolentino, and board-certified Dermatologist Dr. Irene Gaile Robredo-Vitas to share their personal experiences and perspective on insecurities, and how self-love and self-care make a huge impact on our confidence.

“I was determined to stay strong, to continue my mission, my purpose, and to turn things around. I wanted to face my demons and finally take care of my heart, something which I didn’t do or never cared to do.”

Pia Wurtzbach

While she acknowledges that she is a public figure and a role model to young girls, Pia Wurtzbach also disclosed that even a former beauty queen like her experiences internal struggles, too. “Being Ms. Universe, there’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way and for the longest time, it was something I struggled with.” However, that pressure never hindered her to hide from the public eye. This is partly thanks to the boost of confidence she gets after undergoing beauty treatments like Ultherapy® as it positively affects how she views herself. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Ed Tolentino emphasized the grave significance of self-care, and how mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. He mentioned that we must “Create a sanctuary, focus on what [we] can control, and maintain the proper pillars of physical health: proper nutrition, self-care, and sleep.” Doing so would make us less vulnerable to internal battles that keep us up at night.

Self-care relies on increased self-awareness: recognizing patterns in your emotions, including triggers. Help identify what activities are necessary for your well-being.”

Dr. Ed Tolentino, Psychiatrist

As for Dr. Irene Gaile Robredo-Vitas, she expressed how her patients get some “me-time” when they’re going through a stressful phase in their lives. One way for them to relieve themselves of all types of pressure is to have their own relaxing and effective Ultherapy® session, which is why it’s considered to be the gold standard non-invasive treatment of Merz Aesthetics®, apart from it having no down-time. Being one of the people behind the treatments, Dr. Irene also praised how the treatment gives her the perfect visualization, allowing her to see below the skin’s surface—a method to give everyone safe and effective care. With Ultherapy®, the board-certified dermatologist even said, “I am in control, [and] I am confident where I deliver the energy.”

A deep dive on the gold standard

To have a more in-depth understanding of Ultherapy® and its significance to Merz Aesthetics®, we were honored to be given a special chat with Jorge Libanan, the company’s General Manager for the Philippines. In our exclusive interview, he shared to us what the cult-favorite treatment is truly about. Beyond the sessions and campaigns, Merz Aesthetics® encourages their clients to not only feel and look better, but to also live better through the gold standard treatment. 

“[Ultherapy®] is not about changing who you are, but [enhancing] your beauty.”

Jorge Libanan, General Manager of Merz Aesthetics® Philippines

Throughout our discussion, Jorge Libanan gave us an idea on his vision for Merz Aesthetics® in the Philippines as their General Manager, to which he said, “We want to be the most innovative aesthetics company in the country, and we can only achieve that [by] creating more awareness because if you’re going to look at the Philippines and compare it to Thailand, Korea, and Taiwan, we’re a little bit behind.” And when talking about how they fight the taboo behind beauty treatments such as Ultherapy® in Philippine society, he mentioned how it shouldn’t just be the responsibility of well-renowned brands such as Merz Aesthetics®, but that doctors and practitioners must also educate patients and clients so they can understand them more, which will provide each and everyone the comfort to actually give the treatments a shot and see the wonderful benefits they offer.

“It’s a partnership with everyone. From the doctors to the aesthetic physicians, we are able to provide a gold standard for our clients and give them the treatment they deserve.”

Raymond Ong, Merz Aesthetics® Asia Pacific Associate Vice President for Regional Commercial

Apart from Jorge Libanan, we were also given the chance to talk to Raymond Ong, Merz Aesthetics® Asia Pacific Associate Vice President for Regional Commercial, who agreed with the sentiments provided by General Manager. Additionally, he emphasized that the partner clinics of Merz Aesthetics® are careful in identifying the right treatments for each patient that walks through their doors. “It’s about assessing the patient and understanding their needs.”

A night of champions

In their path to innovation in the aesthetics industry, Ultherapy® and Merz Aesthetics® gave recognition to clinics and doctors who have shown outstanding performance and continue to campaign for the values that both brands have. Held last September 8, 2022, the Tala Awards was a night filled with cheers as partner clinics like Toledo Medical Companies, Inc., Avignon Clinic, and Aivee Clinic were honored. The latter even ended the night by bagging the highly-coveted 7-Star Overall Award, apart from their other 7 and 5-Star awards for the Merz Pure Anti-Wrinkle Treatment and Ultherapy® CU, respectively.

With their empowering advocacy and rewarding treatment, it is time to live a life of confidence. A beauty that comes from within and all it takes is you. 

Ultherapy® and Merz Aesthetics® are registered trademarks of the Merz group of companies. Gold Standard Reference: Fabi, Sabrina G. et al. “Optimizing Patient Outcomes by Customizing Treatment With Microfocused Ultrasound With Visualization: Gold Standard Consensus Guidelines from an Expert Panel.” Journal of drugs in dermatology: JDD vol. 18,5 (2019): 426-432

Merz Philippines Healthcare Inc. 10/F Ore Central., 9th Ave. cor. 31st St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

To view the complete list of accredited clinics, visit this website. For more information, you may visit www.ultherapy.com, www.merzaesthetics.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @UltherapyPH @MerzAesthetics.ph.

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