One Can Only Imagine What the Ultimate Multi-Talented Girl, Winnie Wong, Will Do Next

One Can Only Imagine What the Ultimate Multi-Talented Girl, Winnie Wong, Will Do Next


Illustrator, teacher, vlogger—just a few titles under Winnie Wong’s belt. Being a staunch supporter of art and education, she also helps students from low-income families in studying through a non-profit organization called Future Faces Manila. She firmly believes in enjoying life and thinking about yourself—doing what you love most and pursuing all of your dreams and aspirations. What can’t Winnie do? MEGA and Converse found out in this exclusive chat with her.

Winnie Wong

How do you redefine being a girl in this day and age?

“It’s really understanding yourself and trying to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. The more you know yourself, the more you know your limitations so you can learn to say no — a very powerful tool in this day and age.”

What is your experience in breaking through your own walls to come out strong and be one-of-a-kind in your field?

“The way this question was phrased is saying I already have the strength to break barriers but I’m just an individual still growing and learning and constantly telling myself I can do this.”

How did this help you reach where you are now?

White blazer by FOREVER 21. White culottes by RICARDO PRIETO. White Chuck 70 sneakers by CONVERSE.

“A lot of people wait for the golden moment for something to happen. In the real world, you need to put yourself out there. Whatever opportunity you have just grab it and get it.”

In your own words, what makes you bold and unafraid to go beyond your limits?

“Grit. What’s gotten me to this point is learning from failures and understand that everything’s going to be ok.”

What tips do you have to empower women to break through their own personal hindrances and seek out greatness?

“You need to have the courage to understand who you are as an individual and what you’re good at. Passion is a passing thing. You can learn to love and hate things but what’s constant is you and what you’re good at.”

This 2019, I’d like to see more girls ________________

Winnie Wong
“To be the best versions of themselves.”

Makeup by Bobbi Brown

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