Uncovering the Truth Behind These Gen-Z Skincare Myths with Dr. Coreen Sampedro

Uncovering the Truth Behind These Gen-Z Skincare Myths with Dr. Coreen Sampedro


Discover the truth behind these myths as Dr. Coreen Sampedro unpacks the real science behind some of the biggest urban legends in skincare

If you’re a skincare enthusiast, you’ve probably heard so many claims about how to properly take care of your face and body. But how do you know which myths are true and which are just the latest in a long line of beauty rumors? Is it true that lemons can quickly make dark spots disappear? Could exfoliating daily make your face get rid of bacteria for good? 

With the help of dermatologist Dr. Coreen Sampedro and YOU Beauty product associate, Jennika Casin, they debunk some common skincare myths or confirm popular skincare tips that Gen-Zers—and even previous generations—have believed for quite some time.

Citrus fruits can lighten your skin

Dr. Coreen Sampedro is on a mission to debunk skin misinformation

Filipinos have long believed that to get a fair complexion, using natural acidic fruits like lemon and calamansi can effectively lighten their skin. The idea is that the lemon will dissolve dead skin cells on the surface of the face and cause them to slough off, revealing a brighter, fresher complexion. The truth is, the acid in lemon juice can actually irritate your skin, making it red and irritated. 

Dr. Coreen cautions about our affinity for using any citrus fruit in our regimen, “I know we Filipinos have this spot for brightening products. However, think about it. Lemons are very acidic and your skin is sensitive to pH levels so they can possibly do more harm and irritation.” She adds that if you want to lighten your dark spots, it’s advisable to go for products that are gentle on your face.

Lighten those dark spots and give yourself a natural glow with the YOU Beauty’s Radiance Up! One-Step Brightening System

Looking to brighten your skin and improve its tone without having to sacrifice your skin’s health or comfort level? There are always solutions that are easily accessible to us like YOU Beauty’s Radiance Up! One-Stop Brightening System.

The series uses science-backed and natural ingredients to help your skin look brighter and more even-toned in just 14 days. It’s also formulated with SYMWHITE 377 which has been clinically tested to be 22 times better than Kojic acid to combat blemishes with less skin irritation. This means that you can achieve your desired results without sacrificing your skin’s health or comfort level.

Exfoliating daily is a must

Is it a fact or myth? Dr. Coreen Sampedro and YOU Beauty Product Associate Jennika Casin share their expertise on skincare

The idea that you need to exfoliate your skin every day is pervasive, but it’s a myth. Exfoliation can be great for your skin—it removes dead cells and leaves it feeling soft and smooth—but too much of it can cause damage and irritation. “There’s also such a thing as too much exfoliation. And if you’re using products that are too harsh for your skin, you might actually be doing more harm than good,” says Dr. Coreen.

Get rid of pore-clogging impurities with the help of YOU Beauty Radiance Up! Pure Cica Essence

Exfoliating daily isn’t necessary but if you’re looking for an effective way to clear away dead skin cells and impurities from your pores, Jennika commends the YOU Beauty Radiance Up! Pure Cica Essence, formulated with Lactobionic Acid (PHA), gently removes dead skin cells and clears away any impurities that are hiding in your pores. She adds, “You can give your face a boost of brightness that will make everyone Stop and Stare and you’ll feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.”

Applying moisturizer on damp skin is an effective way to hydrate your face

Applying moisturizer on damp skin is an effective way to hydrate your face is not a myth but a fact. Many beauty experts and dermatologists, such as Dr. Coreen, advocate this practice and swear by it. She explains, “There are a lot of benefits to adding a light layer of moisturizer to damp skin. Your skin absorbs moisture better when it is damp rather than dry. So apply it right after a bath. It’s very very effective.”

YOU Beauty product associate Jennika Casin swears by the Radiance Up! Series to give your face a supple appearance
A skin that’s hydrated is possible with the YOU Beauty Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream fights dryness and flakiness to improve overall softness and comfort

For Jennika, the YOU Beauty product associate recommends the Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream to strengthen the skin’s barrier and maintain its moisture. She shares, “It’s actually a very daily moisturizer that has a powerful brightening system.” It’s formulated with Ceramide 1-3-6, Powerful Brightening System and Snow Mushroom Extract to give your skin exactly what it needs for smoothness all day long.

Antioxidant serums can lighten dark spots

Antioxidants are a type of compound that’s found in many different foods and plants. They work to fight damage caused by free radicals—unstable molecules that have been linked to everything from cancer to aging. “Yes, antioxidant serum doesn’t have a good value, and they’re worthwhile to add to your basic skincare,” affirms Dr. Coreen.

With a single step, you can boost your skin’s luminosity and reduce the appearance of age spots with YOU Beauty Radiance Up! Antioxidant Serum

Based on her own experience, Jennika recommends the YOU Beauty Radiance Up! Antioxidant Serum as it has improved her skin woes as well. “[It] helped brighten my skin and especially works on lightening my dark spots,” shares the product associate. The brightening serum is formulated with the Powerful Brightening System, Korean Camellia Extract, and Carnosine to reduce dullness and the appearance of dark spots.

Instagram filters are a better alternative to a skincare routine

Filters have been a part of social media since its inception, and they’re not going anywhere. People use them to make themselves look better on the Internet, and that’s fine—it’s just one more way to present yourself online. For Dr. Coreen, however, this popular camera feature shouldn’t replace what you look like in real life. She adds, “I mean, filters are fun. But it’s more important to have good skin in real life and not just in social media. And when you’re feeling bad about your skin, that’s when you need to take care of it even more.”

While filters have become a part of our everyday social media life, Jennika believes that it’s your inner beauty that should still radiate in and out of cyberspace. She adds, “It’s time to stop worrying about what people think and start focusing on you. Stay true and be fearless. And that’s how you can improve authentically one step at a time.”

For more information, visit YOU Beauty’s official website. Follow YOU Beauty Philippines on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. The Radiance Up! Series is available in select Watsons, SM Beauty, Robinsons Department Store, Metro Retail, LCC Department Store, Gaisano Capital Group, Prince Retail Group, KCC, Mart One and The Landmark.

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