Unleash Your Creative Potential

Unleash Your Creative Potential


She is the brightest star! Brigiding discusses how makeup allows her to embrace the extraordinary and discover how to become Better Than Basic

In this era of self-expression, where the concept of beauty is experiencing a shift in perspective, Filipino makeup is driving the revolution. It’s at the forefront of embracing  diversity and celebrating individuality, encouraging a generation to discover themselves and honor their identities. In this framework, Filipino beauty brands like Careline recognizes that regardless of background, each person has a unique journey that can empower a community to uncover their potential to become. One bright star who carries Careline’s adage is drag artist Brigiding.

Pursuing dreams is the door to self-discovery

Chasing dreams is a journey that reveals individuality. As you go along, you will find your passions, power, and even your weak points—all of which contribute to defining your uniqueness. “The first time I saw a drag performance in Malate, sabi ko, ‘This is something that I want to do.’ I was put in a different dimension,” recalls Brigiding. Something had awakened within her at that moment. “Nakita ko ‘yung joy,” she adds, proving that joy is summoned when a pivotal life experience leaves a profound mark on one’s heart. That same joy is rooted in the feeling of being seen and connected.

Careline helps create a life that is aligned with your authentic self. Through the discovery of drag, Brigiding was able to celebrate her individuality in ways she never knew possible. “Makeup is the gateway to fantasy. For me, para akong nagpe-paint, kino-compose ko ‘yung fantasy na gusto kong buuin,” she says. As a performer, it is a powerful visual language that invites an audience into her story. “I want my look or my face to work with me. ‘Yung parang titingnan mo pa lang ako, alam mong nagco-contribute na siya sa kine-create kong story.” With every dash and stroke of color, Brigiding transforms and becomes a champion for expressing one’s identity.

The evolution of her artistic journey

True to what Careline stands for, Brigiding has developed a unique style that is better than basic. Her journey as a drag artist allowed her to soar to heights she never once believed she could reach. She’s always had a bold spirit, even when she was younger. Paired with undeniable talent, she propelled herself toward her dreams. “Thankful ako sa blessing of drag,” she gushes and acknowledges that, because of it, she was able to embrace the thrill of venturing into different areas of her creativity.

Aside from being one of the top drag artists, she’s also dabbled in acting. She used the spark lit when she experienced different drag cultures from other areas of the world to produce the drag show called Cake. She was part of the stellar cast of the first installment of Drag Race in the Philippines. Her latest venture into drag motherhood (House of Ding) is something highly admirable. Drag helps her manifest her true self, accept and act on her different abilities as an artist, and allows her to reinvent and grow.

Brigiding has this to say on what the future could hold: “Mas nacha-challenge ako to improve my drag and create more. I’m reading books to [improve] my craft. It’s exciting. Drag pushes me to become a better version of myself. Cake is going to be a monthly commitment [at Kondwi], and I wish for more audiences to enjoy this beautiful show. Gawa lang tayo nang gawa. Tuloy-tuloy lang.” Careline supports this insatiable thirst for seeking opportunities to learn and grow. To broaden our horizons, we need to stay curious and keep learning.

Makeup is beyond beauty—it echoes our creative expression and is a means of exploring and having fun. Careline celebrates what makes you unique with its full-range of makeup innovations! Careline products are available in all Watsons, SM Beauty Dept. Store, Robinsons Dept. & Supermarkets, and other leading retail stores nationwide.

Immerse yourself in the realm of color and freedom and explore your creativity!

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