Unleash Your Skin’s Mythical Beauty with Belo’s Mermaid Facial

Unleash Your Skin’s Mythical Beauty with Belo’s Mermaid Facial


The dauntless Ivana Alawi flaunts a luminous skin that you too can achieve with Belo’s most hydrating treatment ever

Under every person’s imperfections resides a primal beauty, imprisoned only by the railings of swarming hot temperature, smog-infested air, and unavoidable stress. Belo’s latest method of unlocking your unearthly wonders is through their brand-new, multi-step Mermaid Facial Treatment, as proudly presented by the mesmerizing Ivana Alawi. Take a look at how the Filipino-Moroccan actress’s already-amazing skin was only made more supple, glowing, and luminous to near-perfection with the 45-minute, multi-step treatment below.

The dazzling Ivana Alawi tries out the brand-new Mermaid Facial at Belo

Addressing all your needs

Those who suffer from their skin being imprisoned in a dull, dry, and uneven state due to the harsh elements of the tropics are the perfect people who should give the brand-new Mermaid Facial Treatment a try. 

With one session recommended at least every two weeks for skin-types that are not acne-prone or have active acne, the treatment is a convenient option for those looking to truly harness their skin’s greatest potential. The Mermaid Facial Treatment also serves as a great element to what could be a personalized beauty plan that Belo can curate especially for you.

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Trusting the process

Curious what your skin will be experiencing with this treatment? The process just can’t get any simpler as the Mermaid Facial Treatment will only take 45 minutes under three steps. 

Step one of the treatment requires your skin to be cleansed with a lactic acid base, which is known to improve the skin’s natural ability to moisturize and self-hydrate. Next, the attention shall then be focused in your T-zone area (forehead and nose) in the form of a deep cleanse using a glycolic acid base, which aids greatly in exfoliation through the active ingredient of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). To finish, your skin will then be rehydrated with a hyaluronic acid base to ensure full moisturization.

A face that could launch a thousand ships

No one can better encapsulate the idea of the Mermaid Facial campaign than Ivana Alawi. Her striking features, unmatched natural beauty, and alluring aura were masterfully captured in this daring, mysterious, and elusive photoshoot, as her skin was also able to reach levels near-perfection in terms of luminosity and suppleness through the brand-new treatment.

Those looking to attain the echelon of serene skin that Miss Alawi brandishes daily may have no better chance to do so than with the Belo Mermaid Facial.

Consult with Belo’s talented ensemble of doctors and medical personnel if you want to know if Mermaid Facial is fit for your skin. Those looking to make a reservation can check it out at the Belo Shop or look into Belo’s official website in order to identify and call their nearest branch for an appointment.

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