Unlock the Secret to a Hot Body with Kathryn Bernardo’s Fitness Regimen

Unlock the Secret to a Hot Body with Kathryn Bernardo’s Fitness Regimen


Do you want to have a hot body and mental clarity? Kathryn Bernardo lets MEGA in on her summer fitness regime

Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” But they give you a hot body. In the quest for a toned and sculpted physique, our April 2024 cover star Kathryn Bernardo mentions her winning fitness regimen, which includes a diverse range of activities aimed at promoting physical strength, endurance, and overall well-being. From running and tennis to Lagree, lifting weights, and functional training, Bernardo’s holistic approach to fitness helps her achieve her aesthetic goals and creates a deeper sense of vitality and empowerment.

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Kathryn Bernardo wears a BONITA PENARANDA dress in MEGA’s April 2024 Issue


Bernardo attests to the mood-boosting benefits of running, citing the release of endorphins—the body’s natural “happy” hormones—as a key motivator. Incorporating two to three runs per week into her routine, she harnesses the cardiovascular benefits of this high-impact activity, which include improved heart health, increased stamina, and enhanced mental clarity.

Kathryn Bernardo's Fitness Regimen For A Summer-Ready Body MEGA
Running releases endorphins and Bernardo incorporates this into her routine two to three times per week


As a tennis player, the cover star engages in regular practices to elevate her fitness game. Beyond the physical demands of the sport, tennis offers a dynamic full-body workout that challenges agility, coordination, and reflexes. By honing her skills on the court, Bernardo burns calories and engages mental focus and strategic thinking.

Kathryn Bernardo's Fitness Regimen For A Summer-Ready Body MEGA
Engaging in tennis provides Bernardo with a versatile exercise routine that targets the entire body


Bernardo also explores Lagree—a high-intensity, low-impact workout that targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This fitness method combines elements of strength training, cardio, and Pilates to sculpt lean muscles, improve flexibility, and enhance core stability. With Lagree, Bernardo strengthens her body from the inside out, achieving a toned physique with long-lasting results.

Kathryn Bernardo's Fitness Regimen For A Summer-Ready Body MEGA
Bernardo practices Lagree to sculpt her lean body

Lifting Weights

Under the guidance of a knowledgeable coach, the actress embraces the benefits of weightlifting as a means to sculpt and define her physique. Contrary to common misconceptions, lifting weights not only builds lean muscle mass, but also boosts metabolism, increases bone density, and enhances overall strength and athleticism. By incorporating resistance training into her routine, Bernardo empowers herself to push past physical limitations and unlock her full potential.

Kathryn Bernardo's Fitness Regimen For A Summer-Ready Body MEGA
Weight lifting provides lean muscle mass while boosting metabolism to cut down fat

Functional Training

Bernardo embraces functional training—a dynamic approach to fitness that focuses on movements that mimic real-life activities. By engaging in exercises that improve mobility, balance, and stability, she enhances her body’s ability to perform everyday tasks with ease and efficiency. From squats and lunges to kettlebell swings and battle rope exercises, Bernardo’s functional training regimen builds functional strength and resilience, laying the foundation for a strong body.

Kathryn Bernardo's Fitness Regimen For A Summer-Ready Body MEGA
Kathryn Bernardo in a REY CALAJATE top and AGUA BRAZILIAN swimsuit in MEGA’s April 2024 Issue

Achieving a hot bod goes beyond aesthetics, as it’s about nurturing the body, mind, and soul through a balanced and diversified fitness regimen. By incorporating activities like running, tennis, Lagree, lifting weights, and functional training into her routine, Bernardo transforms her physique to cultivate vitality, confidence, and empowerment. Inspired by her holistic approach to fitness, individuals of all ages and fitness levels can unlock the secret to a hot body and acknowledge movement as life. You don’t have to shoot your husband; you just have to have a hot body.

Photos: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram) and MEGA ARCHIVES
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