Upcycling the Trends: Creating New Art From Pre-Loved Collections

Upcycling the Trends: Creating New Art From Pre-Loved Collections


Basic lifestyle-oriented HUMAN teams up with sustainable fashion brand StrongVillage to promote the benefits of upcycling to our environment

In starting new trends, the fashion industry releases waves and waves of new collections and fashion pieces, furthering the damage from greenhouse gas emissions while processing raw materials to usable fabric. During the creation of new clothing, you can be surprised with the amount of scrap fabric that can be produced by cutting, shearing, or measuring the pieces. Throwing away scrap fabric to be burned or dumped into a landfill potentially harms our environment. Instead, try upcycling.

HUMAN, an expert on modern basic fashion and individuality, partners up with StrongVillage, known for their knack in upcycling and sustainable street-cultured designs, to show you the ways on how to fashionably stitch together patches on wearable clothing and design ripped jeans with other types of fabric as a way to care for our planet.

Benefits of upcycling

The fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world, which means that it also causes a lot of harm to the environment due to the processes involved in transforming raw materials to usable fabric. However, these can be combated by other methods such as upcycling old clothes and reworking existing scrap fabric from old designs. Upcycling clothes helps reduce the amount of pollution by minimizing, if not completely removing, the amount of raw materials needed to be processed and reducing the discarded scrap fabrics to be dumped into a landfill. It also lowers production costs for the brands involved.

Fashion-wise, upcycled clothes scream individuality and uniqueness, as new designs and patches are sewn together expertly, combining two or more masterpieces to create an entirely new look. By upcycling your clothes, you not only help save the environment, you can also start a new trend altogether. 

HUMAN x StrongVillage

As a brand known for their stylish basic pieces imbued with lifestyle and alternative living, Human amps up their game by combining their old pieces together with unique designs from sustainable fashion brand StrongVillage. In this new brand of upcycling, basic wear meets streetwear in the form of denim patches, quirky colors, and youthful designs. 

Funky sneaker culture is a crowd favorite among the youth and is the core of the upcycled designs in the HUMAN x StrongVillage collection. Reworks of their old pieces are reflected in each and every article of clothing, making the soul of both brands brim with energy in their unexpected mix-and-matches. 

The HUMAN x StrongVillage collection shines with a ton of personality, never failing to turn heads as you rock out in stylish ripped jeans and comfortable hoodies. Combining denim patches with any other reused fabric or piecing together different scraps of fabric for a remarkable clashing design bursts into life. By supporting these brands, you can promote a new upcycling trend in which you can definitely enjoy skating in the park, walking in the malls, or meeting up to grab some milktea while brandishing your clothes and helping reduce pollution in the process.

You will definitely become a fan of fun patchwork designs, unexpected asymmetrical patterns, and denim play with these reworked pieces. HUMAN x StrongVillage reflects the adventurous nature of the youth, always trying out new things and transforming into the people they are meant to be just as upcycling clothes transforms old designs into entirely new masterpieces—upcycling is the maturation of clothes and the art of growing up in itself. 

In caring for our planet, the change will start with you. As you grow older, learn about upcycling your old clothes as if they were also growing with you. Maximize your creativity, increase the potential of reusable clothing, and help save the planet all in the process of being uniquely you.

Check out the fun upcycled designs by Human x StrongVillage! Take a look into the Instagram and Facebook accounts of Human. ​​For inquiries and orders, you may visit HUMAN in Glorietta or message them through their Viber number 0969-300-9874. Learn more about sustainable fashion by visiting StrongVillage’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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