Walk Through NYC’s Urban Art Scene With Carolina Herrera

Walk Through NYC’s Urban Art Scene With Carolina Herrera


New York City has often served as the inspiration behind Carolina Herrera’s collections. It was where her early work was exhibited in the city’s most iconic locations—from the Plaza, Bryant Park, to the MOMA.

As her creations have always exuded the metropolitans’ authentic beauty, it was only fitting that her SS19 collection was as an ode to the parade of freedom and femininity that walks through NYC’s streets—not to mention that it also thrives in its urban art scene.

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One is instantly taken on a journey by simply looking at the colorful collection. According to the brand, the journey was actually inspired by different artists who left their mark on a city. A place that never stops evolving and advancing new ideas.

Perhaps that’s why you’ll recognize the abstract detailing on the dresses reflects Ellsworth Kelly’s aesthetic. On the other hand, the precious delicacy of the pieces can be linked to Georgina O’Keeffe’s colors and flowers. The famous pop sculpture LOVE by Robert Indiana in the heart of Midtown impeccably came together with John Miller’s contemporary art.

Come to think of it, with the artists’ influence, it just allows various sections of the collection to easily complement each other. And upon pairing it with a bag, it effortlessly links between different outfits. After all, the bag is at the core of everything and its personality dictates the style of each drop.

Carolina Herrera’s SS19 is now available in its boutique at Greenbelt 5, Makati City.

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