The Urban Revivo New Flagship Store in the Philippines is the Ultimate Fashion Playground

The Urban Revivo New Flagship Store in the Philippines is the Ultimate Fashion Playground


During their first flagship store launch in the Philippines, the newest global fashion brand is ready to add a pop of color into your daily wardrobe

When you talk about runway fashion, you think of haute couture—large statement pieces and flashy outfits. While these clothes may feel too grand to be paraded around your workplace or in the mall, adding a mix of “runway-esque” into casual designs will surely bring more life and create a statement in your daily look. 

The newest global fashion brand Urban Revivo revolutionizes trendy fashion and seasonal themes by adding bold bursts of colors and patterns fit for a runway into the homeliness and mundanity of everyday life. The brand brought the ultimate fashion playground through their flagship store launch event last July 7, 2022 at SM Mall of Asia as part of their grand opening in the Philippines. 

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Play fashion is the new fashion

Founded in 2006, Urban Revivo began its quest to inspire fashion enthusiasts to imagine their everyday life as a runway. Youthful, quirky, and daring play fashion styles are keys to uplift the dreamers and trendsetters in being bolder and louder just by wearing popping statement pieces. Extraordinarily unique while still maintaining the comfort of casual wear, Urban Revivo has mastered the mix and match of normalizing runway-inspired looks. 

Celebrities and models alike attended the flagship store launch at SM Mall of Asia.

Their designs highlight stylish high street fashion, whether downtown or uptown, which is further amplified by their seasonal thematics fit for summer or spring. With the help of world-class design centers from London, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, the brand became the “ultimate playground for the fashionista in everyone.” Now, the revolutionary brand announced its presence in the Philippines through their latest flagship store where celebrities and models alike all attended in celebration of play fashion. 

Unleash your inner top model

With well-known attendees such as Ara Arida, Bianca Umali, Francine Diaz, Gela Atayde, Janine Gutierrez, Maggie Wilson, Rere Madrid, Sylvia Sanchez, and many others, Urban Revivo creates a statement that the runway is free to be walked on by a variety of people, no matter the age, shape, or personal preferences.

The brand’s wide collections also feature Men’s Apparel, as showcased by Diego Gutierrez, Tim Connor, and Teejay Marquez. Inclusivity within extravagance is the message of the launch, which garnered the attention of numerous passers-by in the mall. With its successful launch, Urban Revivo is expected to bring more colors into our wardrobes by opening more branches in several locations. 

As an image of new fashion, Urban Revivo believes that every single article of clothing, accessory, or shoe has their own meaning that creates an entirely new statement when put together. In sending your message to the world using your wardrobe, the freedom to walk on your own personalized runway is all yours. 

Find out more about Urban Revivo by visiting their website and create a fashion playground of your own. Revisit their launch by watching the video on their Facebook account. 

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