New Norms: Ushering An Inclusive Era Of Beauty with Avignon

New Norms: Ushering An Inclusive Era Of Beauty with Avignon


We’ve said it time and time again: your body, your choice!

The term aesthetic has been a buzz word over the past few years, with the Internet constantly scrambling to make up their own ideal form of what beauty should be. Though it’s been an interesting ride, it’s high time we all realize that our own aesthetic is simply how we choose it to be—and there’s one beauty clinic that supports its clients all the way.

You guessed it, the country’s very own iconic Avignon Clinic, which was cited as MEGA Fashion Awards Homegrown Beauty Award. Led by CEO Chris Cachuela, the Avignon Clinic is a full-on dermatology and aesthetic center complete with 5-star amenities.

The clinic has also been a stand-out in providing Filipinos with the utmost care and excellence in curating their aesthetic—whatever that may be.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all beauty, as Avignon caters to every and all forms of self-care from toning, tightening, lifting, and more. Don’t want a major upheaval? No problem, as they also provide painless operations for a fresh daily look.

With endorsers such as Sam Milby and Julia Montes under their wing, the Avignon Clinic continues to be at the forefront of helping us look and feel good in our own skin.

Watch their space at @avignonclinic

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