V! Gives Modern Filipinos Purposeful  Jewelry

V! Gives Modern Filipinos Purposeful Jewelry


V! is a proudly Filipino-made and sustainable jewelry brand that brings the South Sea pearls to modern Filipinos

Our country is blessed with an abundance of unique treasures, one of which is the South Sea pearl, a highly coveted, lustrous gem. Among all the different types of pearls found in the world, the South Sea pearl is the largest and the rarest, making each piece of jewelry truly something special.

Traditionally, people would bring out their pearl jewelry only during special occasions. V! (short for vivere or “to live”) wants to change this notion, as pearls should be an essential part of a woman’s daily uniform. Pearls, after all, add polish and sophistication to any ensemble, making it an ideal accessory.

From top to bottom: Louise Two-Way Earrings, Louise Two-Way Ring, Daniella Pendant, The 360 Necklace.

As one of the most beloved gems in the world, pearls are often attributed to milestones and accomplishments. In fact, a 30th anniversary between spouses is symbolized by a pearl. Despite its luxury status, pearls can also be a beautiful daily accessory. V! believes that one doesn’t have to wait for an occasion to wear pearls and with their modern designs that range from bold statements to delicate, discreet creations, it’s easy to see why: they go with almost any outfit. From a crisp white button-down with jeans, to a pastel day dress, the LBD and a sleek pantsuit, pearls enhance, not just the outfit but the beauty of the woman wearing it.

However, not all pearls are created equal. V! offers sustainable and ethically-sourced gems from Palawan. Their South Sea pearls come in radiant white and glowing champagne shades, in a variety of hypo-allergenic settings, from gorgeous earrings and pendants, to bracelets and rings. With every V! jewelry, one is assured that they are getting, not just the real deal, but also exquisite craftsmanship and premium settings in 14k yellow, white and rose gold.

Viv Statement Necklace
Coco Earrings

Day Wear

V! redefines jewelry through their designs. Take the Monique ring for example; its bubbly design makes it a versatile piece, working just as easily with a linen day dress to a cocktail number.

Monique Bubble Rings

Similarly, the Coco Earrings take the classic gold hoop earring and add a dramatic dangling pearl. This V! creation fuses simplicity with elegance—the kind of statement one wants to make whether in a party, the office or at Sunday luncheons.

Coco Earrings and Viv Statement Necklace.

Night out

The anklet adds some flirty appeal to an outfit. The V! 360 anklet features a delicate, sparkling golden chain and a single golden South Sea pearl at the center. It’s the kind of bold accessory that somehow completes an ensemble and leaves a lasting impression.

Louise Two-Way Ring and 360 Anklet.

A gift from the Orient

Keepsakes bring one to certain time and place. In this case, the V! Cube Bracelet features a chain that will link you to a specific memory, a certain moment in time that you fondly remember.

On left: Cube Bracelet and Louise Two-Way Ring. On right: Astrid Petite Bracelet

Pearls are timeless and this playful brand shifts the spotlight on the gemstone in a refreshingly youthful way. With its name derived from the Latin word “vivere,” which means “to live,” V! is a vibrant display of playful aesthetics that are all about being alive. It’s an exclamation to live purposefully while keeping nature in balance.

Browse through V! Jewelry collections online at www.vjewelryshop.com. Stay up-to-date on their latest designs by following V! on Instagram, on Facebook, and their official website.

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