Val Taguba Turns Beauty Queens into Mermaids on Land at Rampa Manila 2

Val Taguba Turns Beauty Queens into Mermaids on Land at Rampa Manila 2


In Manila City Hall, oceanic opulence defines Val Taguba’s creations, where mermaid motifs and shimmering scales blend fantasy with fashion

For Val Taguba, representation matters—specifically, himself. Serpentine silhouettes, mermaid motifs, and glittering garments make up who he is as a creator with a penchant for dramatic elements. Ultimately, identity is the embodiment of essence: his is shining, shimmering, and splendid. At Rampa Manila 2, the designer brings his designs to theatrical life, creating an ocean of fresh, vibrant youthfulness.

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Annabelle McDonnell and Val Taguba
Val Taguba

This marks the second wave of Rampa Manila, a jubilant event commemorating the founding anniversary of the country’s capital. In an homage to Divisoria, the celebration cascades with cultural currents of creativity. Here, Taguba holds a deep-sea connection to the marketplace, where his career first set sail.

Ahtisa Manalo Val Taguba
Miss Cosmo 2024 Ahtisa Manalo in the only gold look, scaled and shined in both arms and one leg

Taguba’s collection shows himself as a designer, flowing grandeur with ball gown parts that exemplify his mastery of detail. What distinguishes his designs is the unexpected yet fascinating depth of makeup artistry, which adds drama to each appearance.

Rampa Manila Val Taguba mermaid designs
Crystal-crusted numbers turn into marine manifestations for the collection
A ball gown skirt makes waves

The mermaid silhouette dress is crucial to his character, representing his imaginative idea of models morphing into supernatural inhabitants who gleam, glow, and glisten like the scaled majesties of the sea. The modification provokes awe, highlighting—and there are tons of actual highlights—Taguba’s notion that representation in fashion is about more than simply trend, but also about recognizing one’s own self.

Rampa Manila Val Taguba mermaid designs
A teal two-piece look is finished with the gloves and the sheer fabric behind her
Mermaid motifs highlight the collection

“I want it to represent me,” the designer says simply. Rampa Manila allows the designer to dive into who he is as a designer. His creations elaborated with mermaid variations and glossy textures, recall the flowing beauty of underwater spirit, where representations turn to radiance of artistic vision. His tribute to Divisoria captures the ebb and flow of his ingenuity. Val Taguba’s career began here, among the undulating waves of this event, as a monument to the eternal fascination of his art, and the unknown currents of where he may go next.

Photographed by GRANT BABIA

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