Valentine’s Day-Inspired Nail Designs For the Hopeless Romantics

Valentine’s Day-Inspired Nail Designs For the Hopeless Romantics


With the month of love just ahead of us, it’s time to book your nail appointments for Valentine’s Day. Check out our pick of nail designs perfect for every hopeless romantic

The season of love is upon us, with February 14 a mere two weeks away. For all those who celebrate, that means getting a fresh new Valentine’s Day-inspired manicure. So before all your go-to manicurists and nail salons are fully booked, get ahead of the game by planning your next appointment now. For nail inspiration, read ahead for our current favorite nail trends, from minimalist to maximalist nail designs so every hopeless romantic can participate.

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The classic red

Almond-shaped cherry red nails
Cherry red nails; Photo: ASH LUXE NAILS (via Instagram)
Ultra-glossy red manicure
Red manicure; Photo: JULIE KANDALEC (via Instagram)

You can’t go wrong with the classic red manicure for Valentine’s Day. For something a little more sultry and dark feminine, opt for a cherry red wash with an almond shape, as seen on Ash Luxe Nails’ post. If you want something a little more flirty and playful, then a candy apple color with an ultra-glossy sheen is more suited to your tastes. Notably, the latter is the work of Julie Kandalec on Emily Blunt to get her red carpet ready.

Cherries on cherries

'Cherry Bomb' manicure
‘Cherry Bomb’ manicure; Photo: Tom Bachik (via Instagram)
3D cherry nail art
3D cherry nail art; Photo: ELINAILS (via Instagram)

If today’s trends are anything to go by, there’s no time like the present to experiment with ideas and to go bigger every time. Drawing on the current love for all things cherry red, why not go a little further by painting the fruit to your nails? You can stick to two-dimensional art as celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik did, with an array of colorful dots and lip stains around them, or you can go for three-dimensional art as Elina Jung of ELINAILS did.

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Heart to heart

Romantic nail design with hearts
Romantic nail design with hearts; Photo: MIMI LUXURY NAILS (via Instagram)

Another obvious choice for Valentine’s season is to paint hearts on our nails, but these looped hearts are a more updated take on the classic. Here, red and white heart outlines adorn a soft nude to pink base, creating a manicured look that’s more understated yet creative all the same. It’s certainly festive, but it’s also wearable for outside of this season. This specific nail art is the work of celeb-approved Mimi Luxury Nails.

Hyperfeminine wave

Coquette red nails with ribbon details
Coquette red nails with ribbon details; Photo: SAMROSENAILS (via Instagram)

Similarly, coquettish styles and ribbons are all the rage right now. This nail art by Samantha is another wearable design that’s perfect for hopeless romantics this Valentine’s Day. You’ll notice that the ribbon details are painted on using a pastel pink nail polish and finished with a pearl-like embellishment right where the knot would be. Meanwhile, the base is the trending dark cherry hue with a reflective finish.

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Velvet hearts

Red velvet hearts
Red velvet hearts; Photo: AMINA CHELLOUG (via Instagram)
Pink velvet nails
Pink velvet nails; Photo: AMINA CHELLOUG (via Instagram)

Another popular choice at the moment is a velvet nail design using magnetic gel polish and magnets. Also known as a Cat Eye, the velvet nail design recently saw an upgrade with hearts added to the equation. According to Amina Chelloug’s tutorial video, the desired heart shape is achieved using a paperclip twisted and bent into the letter V. All in all, this glittery manicure makes for a unique look to help you stand out amidst the sea of solid reds and pinks.

Featured Image: MEGA ARCHIVES

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