Valentino Joins the Monogram Aesthetic For Their Resort Collection

Valentino Joins the Monogram Aesthetic For Their Resort Collection


Elegantly hypnotic, Valentino creates their own rendition of the monogram aesthetic in their latest collection.

Monogram prints have been a trend in the fashion industry for quite some time now. From brand collaborations to established monogram patterns, it is no surprise to see new waves of designs coming from different fashion houses. While some may have polarizing opinions towards the print, one can’t simply deny the head-turning effect monogram pieces have once they’re worn.

And in their own rendition of the monogram, Valentino released their resort collection with pieces decorated in their iconic logo. 

Inspired by the ‘70s, Valentino’s Toile Iconographe collection has a range of pieces that are reminiscent of the era’s quirky characteristics—from billowy proportions as seen on their cape to dainty coordinates that fondly recalls the ‘70s icon, Twiggy. 

Almost hypnotic and psychedelic, Valentino’s take on monogram creates movement despite its structured silhouettes. Whether the piece is in striking red or the staple black, Valentino stays true to their DNA as they infuse their signature elegant characteristics while venturing into a dynamic trend. 

Made with a modern touch, the collection consists of clothing such as overshirts, coats, miniskirts, and bralettes that can be easily paired with a basic ensemble or a statement accessory like their tote and shoulder bag.

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