Vania Romoff Brings Minimalist Beauty to BYS Fashion Week Day Four

Vania Romoff Brings Minimalist Beauty to BYS Fashion Week Day Four


With the triumphant end of the BYS Fashion Week 2023 is the arrival of a new era of beauty

The last installment of BYS Fashion Week is certainly no exception to the beauty looks that came into play. With Vania Romoff providing the grand finale, comes a presentation about her personal exploration of her thoughts on womanhood and its multiple facets. More so, a celebration of what it means to be a woman today, and beauty was specifically tailored to illustrate the feeling of her show notes. “It’s romantic, clean, and polished,” said Janica Cleto, one of the key artists of the show. Rather than working with jolts of hues, “It’s all about a light wash of color and radiant skin.” 

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Vania Romoff BYS Fashion Week 2023

From fresh, luminous complexions to sleek, polished chignons, beauty is undeniably in favor of the minimalists. Here are the three beauty trends spotted on the last day of BYS Fashion Week 2023.

All focus is on the skin 

Fresh Skin BYS Fashion Week 2023

Vania Romoff’s Woman collection came with a want of skin-focused makeup to which no one is immune. Fresh, luminous complexions were accentuated by brushes of bronzer and a light wash of color, illustrating a romantic interpretation of the ever-popular no-makeup makeup look. “Most models came in with a good complexion!” Janica Cleto revealed that all artists even eschewed the use of foundation. “We only covered the dark circles and corrected some spots.” 

The return of polished chignons 

Polished Chingon Vania Romoff BYS Fashion Week 2023

Chignons evidently made their way into more than one show this season. The polished lean at Vania Romoff’s BYS Fashion Week presentation showcased pulled-tight low buns, lending an additional elegance to the beauty direction. Pro tip: Create a sleek, clean finish by adding hold and shine to the crown. Once accomplished, pull the hair together to a low ponytail and twist it until it forms a knot. Clean up flyaways by spritzing hairspray with stray hairs. 

A touch of color

Vania Romoff 2023

Under the bright runway lights, small details like well-placed colors make all the difference. Take cues from Vania Romoff, where radiant complexions are offset by soft-washed hues.  “As for the lids, we used light eyeshadows for a barely-there makeup look,” Janica Cleto detailed. “We completed the look with a swipe of nude pink gloss, something that speaks my-lips-but-better look.” That is to say, even with colors placed as a beauty underscore, it still holds a quiet power, the kind that completes a look. 

Photography: EXEL PANLAQUE

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