Vern and Verniece Enciso Are Making Things Even Sweeter With Their And-Everything-Nice Collaborator

Vern and Verniece Enciso Are Making Things Even Sweeter With Their And-Everything-Nice Collaborator


Vern and Verniece Enciso have made a name for themselves not only in social media and fashion, but also in the world of perfumery as well.

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Since the inception of their new perfumes over a year ago, the sisters have gone nowhere but up in business and they’re only just beginning.

Being at the top of their status as influencers, the sisters are also aware with whom best to collaborate with when it comes to making new scents. Last November 22, they released a new scent with their most recent collaborator; 17-year-old Bella Racelis, also known as the YouTube sensation, ThatsBella.

“We picked a collaborator who was the perfect role model,” gushes Verniece. “Someone bubbly and innocent, but one who has a thirst for adventure yet keeps their family close.”

The two explain, “Bella perfectly epitomizes those characteristics, and that’s why she was the one we chose to collaborate with next. The perfume was made for girls who are made of sweetness, determination, and everything nice—just like all her readers and girls like her.”

Living up to that desire of achieving sweetness, the new scent, Bellamazing, is like a marshmallow in a bottle—much to the delight of Bella.

“I’m a big fan of sweet scents. As much as possible, I want my perfume to smell youthful and fresh!”

Nearing a million active subscribers on YouTube, combined with Vern and Verniece’s following on social media, this new collaboration is undoubtedly one that is heavily-anticipated. That means you’ll have to shop fast if you want to get your hands on this fragrance.

“When I found out that I’ll be collaborating with VV and Co, I was ecstatic to finally work on my own scent because ever since I was little, I love collecting perfumes and now, I can finally add my BELLAMAZING scent to my collection!” Bella says.

The Bellamazing scent retails for Php 799. So head to their website to shop for their latest fragrance.


PS. The Enciso sisters also hinted a new collaboration with their good friend, David Guison for their very first men’s fragrance. So, wait for that, too!

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