Vern and Verniece Enciso’s Amazing Synergy Led Them to be Successful in Life and Business

Vern and Verniece Enciso’s Amazing Synergy Led Them to be Successful in Life and Business


The fashionable sisters reveal how they mastered the art of twinning and traveling, even though they have a business to handle on the side.

Nope, Vern and Verniece Enciso are not twins. Of course, we were aware of that but during our shoot their similarities were unmistakable. “Maybe it’s because of the makeup?” one of them joked. Yet the dynamic duo are so in sync with each other from twinning, planning their next trip, and managing their own business.


But did you know that they weren’t so close at first? Vern can attest to this and it changed when they started traveling together, “I think that’s how we started our friendship because before we started a blog, we were just sisters. We weren’t friends. When we started traveling together, I think that is where we started our bond. I think traveling is always gonna be our favorite thing to do together, even if we grow old feeling [we] will still travel.”


Aside from traveling, they also love eating which is their favorite activity during their trips as they discover different cuisines and food abroad. “Like people are always surprised that we eat a lot. We make time to workout,” Verniece said. These bonding moments of Enciso sisters helped them to develop and improve what they’re currently doing.


On Traveling


The fab sisters have been to more than 30 countries. And they’re only in their twenties. But how do they do it without a glitch? Verniece spilled the first tip,”I think you always have to plan your itinerary. We still research ahead because after years of traveling and after going to a few places, we don’t want to miss out on anything.” This due diligence of researching about their next destination also helped them to know more about its culture. Why is this important? “I realized that when we started to travel there’s so much culture, and you have to pay respect to [it]. For example, when we went to Morocco, if we didn’t research we wouldn’t know that the weather was going to be hot, we would probably wear light clothes. Since it’s a Muslim country after [our] research, you still have to cover yourself. They’re conservative,” Vern noted.


On The Art of Twinning


Do you need proof? Look at their Instagram account and be amazed. How on Earth is that possible? Luckily, the sisters were generous to share with us their well-kept techniques. “Vern and I, we stick to one color palette. Parang example with Morocco, let us just stick with pink, brown and white, or green, and that what we bring na lang. Siguro we’ve been doing it for so long, twinning. Tapos bigla na lang, siyempre, we dressed up in separate rooms. When we go out of the room, like we’re ‘Oh, my god, we’re twinning!’ Parang may twin telepathy na kami. It’s funny,” Verniece blurted. Another trick Vern revealed was they shop together.


On Managing a Business


In the first quarter of 2019, Vern and Verniece launched their very own perfume line called VV and Co. This was on top of their jobs as a blogger and influencer. What made them decide to open a business? “Actually, maybe ten years ago, it is always a dream of Vern and I to have our own beauty brand. Kaya it’s a dream come true for us. After all the exposure of all the brands we would blog about, we were inspired by girl bosses around the world,” Verniece shared.


How do they manage it given that they also have other responsibilities? Keyword: delegation. Well, basically, they’re a two-woman team so the tasks were divided between them. “We have designated roles. What I cannot do, she can do. And what she cannot do, I can do. Sa kanya ang creative side ng business, and mine will be all the business side like the production, everything related to the backend. So I guess we really complement each other,” Vern told us. Verniece is in charge of the branding and marketing side.


Other than the administrative and marketing side of the business, they also handle their own finances. This is besides their travel and fashion expenses. So who has control over their money? “Me,” Verniece, the younger between the two, confessed. “It doesn’t seem like it but I’m stingy one. I am always the one, ‘Vern here’s the budget, let’s stick to it. Or like we set na a budget, oh, wag na tayong mag-shopping sa end. Oh, that’s too much na. I’m the one who’s reminding her and grounding both of us.”


It wasn’t only Verniece’s sisterly advice that saves them from being short on a budget. They also use a credit card for their blogging, shopping, traveling and business expenses. “I think we always do. Especially booking flights and hotels. It is more convenient. Because kapag cash, of course, you have to go to the [travel agency] pa. Credit card makes it more convenient. When it comes to shopping, we don’t have to carry so much cash around. I guess for business it also helps because whenever we do meetings, of course, we have to pay for meals [and] other business expenses. It helps me keep track of our business expenses because everything is recorded already. Faster payments for our business also with our buyers. We don’t have to ask to come to our office,” Vern noted. Indeed, credit card helps them have so much possibilities with so little time.


Vern and Verniece Enciso proves that two heads are better than one. When it comes to traveling, handling a business or twinning, everything becomes so much easier to endure, especially the financial side of things.

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