Veteran Actors Grace This Year’s GMA Gala

Veteran Actors Grace This Year’s GMA Gala


Exemplifying the essence of timeless elegance, these veteran actors stole the spotlight with their style and sophistication at this year’s GMA Gala

With every grand occasion, we’re always eagerly awaiting the sartorial splendor of the current popular celebrities and even the up-and-coming stars of show business. But at the pinnacle of GMA’s finest affair, seasoned thespians effortlessly seized the limelight with their resplendent allure. Here are some of the veteran actors who commanded attention at this year’s GMA Gala:

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Leo Martinez

Leo Martinez GMA Gala 2023

Kicking off our distinguished lineup is none other than Leo Martinez. Dressed with class, the actor known for his role in Abot Kamay Na Pangarap displayed sophistication as he donned a sleek black suit and pants. The ensemble also featured a sharp shawl lapel and a classic black bowtie, perfectly accentuating his overall style.

Richard Yap

Richard Yap with his daughter Ashley GMA Gala 2023

In a delightful display of paternal affection, Richard Yap graced the red carpet alongside his daughter, Ashley. Draped in the elegance of Neric Beltran‘s white suit, the actor radiated an understated but refined appeal. The suit, adorned with a shawl lapel, flawlessly complemented the ensemble’s black pants and bow tie, creating a striking contrast that effortlessly commanded attention.

Alfred Vargas

Alfred Vargas GMA Gala 2023

Kapuso actor and Quezon City councilor Alfred Vargas arrived looking suave in a white Chynna Mamawal suit. The striped shirt that was tastefully layered beneath added a touch of visual intrigue, while the black pocket square, necktie, and shoes harmoniously complemented the overall aesthetic. A subtle yet significant detail, the Philippine flag pin adorning his lapel served as a patriotic nod, further elevating the ensemble’s sophistication.

Wendell Ramos 

Wendell Ramos GMA Gala 2023

In an amazing display of timeless elegance, Wendell Ramos fascinated audiences with his presence at the event. Clad in a monochromatic aesthetic, Wendell had an exquisitely tailored suit by Paul Cabral. The actor explained that he went with an all-brown ensemble since it is his favorite color. He also added that it was one of the reasons why he felt confident about his look tonight.

Gabby Concepcion 

Gabby Concepcion GMA Gala 2023

Gabby Concepcion looked dapper in a classic black suit and a traditional bow tie, which he joked he had never seen before. However, it was truly the Gucci glasses and silver brooch gently gracing his lapel that catapulted his ensemble into the realm of sartorial brilliance. Notably, the hosts of the evening were quick to acknowledge these details that completed the actor’s ensemble.

Ricky Davao and Albert Martinez

Ricky Davao GMA Gala 2023
 Albert Martinez GMA Gala 2023

Ricky Davao and Albert Martinez showed up looking stylish and put together in coordinating suits. While Albert looked sleek in his all-black attire, Ricky looked dashing in his white suit with black slacks, a pocket square, and a bow tie. Speaking with a sense of fond memory, the two seasoned actors recounted in their interview how they had known one another since the 1980s and joked that they are still together now, attending an event with their both white hair gracing the red carpet.

Michael V.

Michael V. GMA Gala 2023
Photo: GMA PINOY TV (via Instagram)

Love was undoubtedly in the air as Michael V., better known as Bitoy, made an impressive appearance on the red carpet, joined by his beautiful wife. The Kapuso comedian opted to don a tasteful ensemble in shades of black and understated brown, which served as a perfect, striking contrast to his vibrant and fun personality.

Photography: KIERAN PUNAY

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