Vice Ganda Delivers an Impactful Message for His Magpasikat 2022 Performance

Vice Ganda Delivers an Impactful Message for His Magpasikat 2022 Performance


Using It’s Showtime as a platform, hosts Vice Ganda and Amy Perez acknowledged manual laborers and the differently abled persons in our society through their number

There is an unspoken responsibility as a celebrity to use your influence for the greater good, and Vice Ganda knows how to use his voice wisely. From in-show remarks to Twitter comebacks, the comedian is not one to back down from fake news and accusations. 

As It’s Showtime marks its anniversary month every year, the hosts compete for their Magpasikat performance to win a special cash prize for their chosen charities. This year, Vice was paired with Amy Perez to showcase their talents for the madlang people. 

Handing their voice

Using hands as the central image for their number, the two prepared a multi-act performance incorporating different dances with hand gestures. 

For the first act, actor Enchong Dee joined Amy for the flamenco dance. Next, while donning a Neric Beltran gold and black number, Vice sang “Unholy” with singer KZ Tandingan

Emphasizing their message of giving tribute to manual laborers and persons with different abilities, they used sign language and dancers on wheelchairs in the last two acts. 

Jasmine, a young lady part of the performance, gestured a message sans subtitles for the audience. This time around, the performers wanted to show how persons with different abilities feel alienated in a world that doesn’t consider their needs. 

Handing a message

When asked about their concept, Vice answered, “Ang dami kong nakikitang fake news, clickbaits, about me. Itong mga ‘to, sinasayang yung mga kamay nila sa pagpost ng mga bagay na masasama, na mali.” 

He further explained that while there are those who use their hands to interact with negative news, there are individuals who need more hands for their responsibilities in society. 

Gusto kong gamitin ‘tong kamay na ‘to para makagawa tayo ng magandang concept,” he pointed out. “I would like to use this platform to give credit, to salute [to] people who have been using their hands para maitaguyod at mabuhay ang pamilya, para itaguyod ang lipunan, magbigay ng silbi sa kapwa […], people who may be visible, but are not seen.” 

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