Victor Basa’s Failed Attempt at Planting Led Him to Build an Indoor Plant Business

Victor Basa’s Failed Attempt at Planting Led Him to Build an Indoor Plant Business


Victor Basa

Everyone knows him as a host, actor, model and influencer. But nobody would connect Victor Basa to plants or being a plant enthusiast.

Victor calls himself an indoor gardener, yet his transition to being one is not all sunshine and roses. “My first plant experience did not go well,” he confessed. “I went to an event, then they were giving away succulents. I didn’t know it was an outdoor plant. I kept [it] near the windowsill and I just kept on watering it, giving it so much love. Apparently, you know, sometimes you can overwhelm a plant with too much care.” To make the story short, his very first plant, a succulent, died. This didn’t stop him though. Instead he started researching about plants that can survive indoors. 


He thought if he isn’t lucky with outdoor plants, perhaps he might be successful in growing indoor plants. “I was able to find a number, a contact. Then after one it became two, the number grew and then sooner and later it became a room full of plants,” he stated. His house is proof of his budding fondness for this type of plant. Eventually, he made a business out of it with the help of his fiance, Stephanie Dan, and named it Happy Plant Co.


“It didn’t start all of a sudden: Oh, let’s make it a business,” he began. “It started when I became fond of plants. Because being a city dweller, sometimes you miss the outdoors and nature. And I think indoor plants have a way of relaxing a space and it really helps also [to] transform a house into a home. It gives that lived in feel. And if you notice, a lot of five-star hotels, a lot of these really nice places, they always have plants, they always have living things [in it], which is beautiful,” he went on. 


When he is not tending to his indoor garden and managing his business, Victor revealed to us that he is a closet jock and loves to take photos,”I really love sports. I got into triathlon, obstacle course racing, [and] Spartan. I just recently finished three races. They were all intense. That’s one of the things I do for fun.” He also adds,”Ever since college, I like street photography when I get a chance to do it.”


Because of his active lifestyle, he developed what he calls a ‘gear acquisition syndrome.’ “For example, if you’re into a new hobby, ‘Oh, I need to have this gear.’ Whether it’s for the bike, or if it’s for a new lens, it encourages me to continue in that hobby or passion,” he explained. And whenever he has an urge to buy something for his hobby, he simply taps or swipes a credit card which he brings with him wherever he goes. 


Aside from buying new equipment, he told us where he uses his credit card, “All of the biggest expenses would be on the card like gas. And if you have an event, sometimes you can charge it. For example, if it is a reservation for a venue or if you have a family gathering. And of course, airplane tickets. And you know information is easy to get nowadays and if you see there’s a promo [in] existing restaurants, because there’s so many really great establishments opening up, so it’s good to maximize your time and your budget in that way.”


A man like Victor Basa proves that if you have failed to reach your goal on the first attempt, there’s still plan A, B, C, and so forth. The important thing is you never quit. Now, he can rightfully call himself an indoor gardener, and he has a business and a house full of plants to prove it.

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