Virgil Abloh’s Last Show: How His Legacy Lives On In Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh’s Last Show: How His Legacy Lives On In Louis Vuitton


Artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear, Virgil Abloh, showcases his final collection in Paris Fashion Week even after his passing.

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“When it’s all over and our time is no longer, you leave it behind for others to seek their own dreams,” is a line from the opening spiel of Virgil Abloh’s last show for Louis Vuitton. Till his last breath, Abloh fought to pave the way for creatives everywhere to continue his legacy. The two Louis Vuitton shows that took place in Miami and Paris were conceptualized and designed by Abloh himself. He made sure to complete the work he started and deliver his final message: follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they are.

In contrast to the “Virgil Was Here” Miami show, the second show of Virgil Abloh was a surrealist’s dream executed in a muted and solemn way. The show paid homage to Abloh’s famous red bouncy castle, his musical work with Tyler, the Creator, and his boyhood ideology. In short, it was the perfect ending to his groundbreaking career in fashion.

Infinite Dreams
Much like the overall concept of the show, the Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2022 Men’s Collection debuted a string of dreamy looks. The many shades of purple were trendy, yet subtly done to invoke the right emotions. There were streetwear angels clad in lace, suede, and nylon that joined the huddle of models. On top of this, we saw graffiti on tailored suits, out of the box accessories, and other subtle nods to his past collections. All these design elements encapsulated the look that created the unique DNA of Abloh’s work.

Musical Prowess
Apart from being a designer and creative director, Abloh was also a friend to music. He worked on numerous album art with Kanye, A$AP Rocky, K0D, Travis Scott, and more. The designer also collaborated with Heritage Orchestra in their sound design and record club rehearsals for his shows. This continued on after his passing.

The song used in his final show was made by his friend and collaborator, Tyler, the Creator. Both creatives have worked together for multiple shows in the past. For the last show of Abloh, Tyler made sure to pay homage to his friend’s work in a final hymn.

Abloh’s successor
All eyes are now on Louis Vuitton for the next big move in their menswear division. This being the last show of Abloh means that there are no further shows for the brand’s menswear line. As of late, the position of artistic director for men is still open.

According to Louis Vuitton CEO, Michael Burke, they are open to the possibility of collaborations before appointing a successor. He said, “There’s two ways of coming to a luxury house: embrace your predecessors or start with a clean slate. And both work, but they’re very different approaches. At a house by Louis Vuitton, we need the former.” Finding a replacement for Abloh may be a tough feat, but in due time we are sure Louis Vuitton will find the rightful successor.

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