Virtual Gifts You Can Send Free Of Shipping To Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Virtual Gifts You Can Send Free Of Shipping To Your Loved Ones This Christmas


Give your loved ones something special without having to worry about shipping fees or late deliveries.

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This holiday season, gift-giving is twice as hard. Apart from waiting for your online purchase to arrive, you’ll have to pack it up hastily so you can deliver it immediately to your loved ones. Mind you, this process will be repeated per gift you send out. Plus, you’ll accumulate a huge sum of expenses on shipping alone. Sounds tiring? Well, you have two ways of going about this. You can either use the situation as way for you to save up and excuse yourself from the gift giving or you could be smart about it and buy all your loved ones virtual gifts. You’d be surprised at the wide variety of non-tangible products the internet provides.

Commissioned Digital Art

Support your local artist by getting a portrait done of your loved one. Some couples in a quarantine LDR, would even request the artist to place them together digitally. It’s a heartwarming gift for someone who is really close to you. You could even commission digital art of your whole barkada together and mass send it to your group of friends.
MEGA Recommends: AW Designs by Alexi Wassmer (Php 1500 and up for commissioned portraits).

Online Workshop Enrollment

Personally, I have been gifted an online workshop subscription, and it was the best! A friend of mine knew how much I wanted to learn how to graphic design, so she gave me a subscribed account to an online learning platform. The platform contained classes for beginners and experts of whichever field they chose. If your friend is a gym buff, then you can even enroll him or her to online personal training.
MEGA Recommends: Online Classes by Skillshare (Php 900 per month or Php 4769 per year).

Digital Magazine Subscription

You had to see this coming. Of course, a digital magazine subscription is part of our virtual gift list. Nowadays, it’s extremely hard to get your hands on a print copy of all your favorite magazines. If you have a friend who is an avid reader or collector of magazines, then you can introduce him or her to switching to digital. It’s a very sustainable practice and it doesn’t need shipping 
MEGA Recommends: Mega Magazine on Magzter (Php 4814.77 per year)

Virtual Tarot Reading

For all the astrology loving barkadas out there, why not book a virtual tarot reading for each other? Some readers even allow group readings, so it would be a fun way to spice up your usually video call catch-ups. There are many virtual tarot readings available online. You can choose from a single card reading, unlimited questions for 30 min or an hour, full spread readings, and more.
MEGA Recommends: Sacred Sun by Bea Marin (Php 999 for a general reading)

Paperless Planner

The usual planner Christmas gift has evolved to new heights. Instead of going for the usual point-accumulated diary freebie, you can purchase a paperless planner template for your go-getter friends and family. Although, for this to work your loved one must own a tablet and a stylus. If both are unavailable, then I would not recommend this virtual gift. You might end up biting more than you can chew.
MEGA Recommends: Etsy’s Paperless Planners (Starts at Php 273)

Streaming Subscription

Have you and your loved ones binge watched everything on Netflix? Maybe it’s time to try subscribing to other streaming platforms. There’s one that specializes for all genres. K-Dramas, anime, Thai flicks, and the likes have a number of streaming platforms available for subscription online.
MEGA Recommends: Amazon Prime (Php 625.80 per month)

Video Games or Game Credits

No one is ever too old to game! After the release of the Playstation 5 and the Nintendo Switch V2, you’ll surely be able to find new games to gift your friends and family. If your loved ones are in to mobile gaming, then you can even spend some coin on game credits. Your gamer friends will thank you ten-fold for all the new skins and upgrades they were able to buy with your credits.
MEGA Recommends: Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch (Php 2600)

Online Gift Certificates

Illustration by Katsy Garcia

Just like the good old fashioned gift certificate, you can purchase gift certificates from your favorite e-commerce platforms. Your loved one will appreciate the extra discount and freebies on their next purchase.
MEGA Recommends: Zalora Gift Card (Starts at Php 500)

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