V&M Naturals Founder Jam Tan Velez Bares Why Going All-Natural is What Your Skin and Hair Needs

V&M Naturals Founder Jam Tan Velez Bares Why Going All-Natural is What Your Skin and Hair Needs


In the embrace of nature’s healing powers, Jam Tan Velez’s V&M Naturals breathes life into the world of skincare, reinventing beauty from the inside out

Fifteen years ago, Jam Tan Velez found herself at the crossroads of compassion and inspiration, prompted by a family member’s relentless battle against psoriasis. 

This painful and incurable skin condition had rendered her cousin a prisoner in her own body—unable to walk and on the brink of despair. But it was during this same year that Velez was introduced to a humble substance that would dare her to radically shake up the local skincare scene. 

“In 2008, I witnessed my cousin’s battle against psoriasis,” Velez tells MEGA, her voice tinged with emotion. “We have a really close relationship as she was the one who took care of me in my younger years. Her condition was so severe, it was heart-wrenching to see her struggle even to walk.” 

It was a trying period for her family, watching her cousin grapple with a condition that seemed to have no cure. And then, like a glimmer of hope, a small vial arrived from Australia. “A relative sent us a sample of emu oil, and its application led to a remarkable improvement in my cousin’s skin,” Velez recalls. 

With her cousin’s incredible journey as the catalyst, Velez started V&M Naturals, an all-natural skincare, haircare, and cosmetics line. 

“There were only three natural skincare brands in the Philippines at that time, including V&M Naturals already, so we were among the pioneer brands to educate the local market about natural alternatives,” she recalls. 

She furthers, “This experience was the beginning of a change in perspective for me. It illuminated the boundless nature of hope even amidst the most daunting challenges.” 


After witnessing the wonders of emu oil, Velez says, one fact became clear to her: True beauty is a reflection of inner health, and at V&M Naturals, they embrace this belief wholeheartedly. 

Their product line boasts a staggering 77 different offerings, with 90 percent of them being emu oil-based. “Emu oil as our core active ingredient sets our products apart,” Velez explains, “We prioritize the restoration of skin and bodily health. It’s not about merely enhancing surface beauty, but about nourishing and revitalizing from within.” 

The products are designed to help manage a multitude of skin and hair concerns, offering a transformative approach to beauty. 

Some of their most popular products include Ultra Bomb, their most viral multi-use product which can be used for double cleansing, moisturizing, and brightening any part of the body; Total Potion, a potent serum that combats signs of skin aging; Hair Nirvana, a premium perfume hair care line that addresses various hair concerns; CPCG Oil, a vitamin oil that brings out your natural glow; and the EcoLuxury Anti-Aging Encapsulated Series, designed to reveal ageless, glass skin complexion.


As V&M Naturals evolved, it didn’t just expand its product line, but it also nurtured sister brands: Dear Heather Home, a fragrance brand that offers versatile scented sprays for various uses; and Liv Apothecary, which promotes holistic wellness through premium vegan products. These are brands that strive to make a real impact in people’s lives, all while maintaining a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Velez says, “We remain committed to advocating the incredible potential of all our brands and products, ensuring that all extraordinary benefits reach and enrich the lives of as many people as possible.” 

She adds, “We aim to empower individuals to experience the transformative effects of wonders that nature has blessed us all with.” 

At the heart of it all lies the brand name, V&M, which stands for Venus and Mars, transcending gender boundaries to embody a holistic approach to health, beauty, and wellness for everyone. 

“Skincare is not just about vanity, it’s an essential need and universally relevant and unbiased,” Velez says, emphasizing the inclusivity of their brand. 

She adds that V&M Naturals doesn’t just create products, rather they craft experiences. Through their Facebook community: Emu Oil Skin Stories & Transformations by V&M Naturals, they kickstart journeys focused on care, discovery, and self-appreciation. “Through V&M, we aim to inspire a paradigm shift, encouraging a culture of self-love and care that reverberates far beyond the realm of skincare,” she says. 


V&M Naturals continues to explore and develop new products while maintaining its commitment to its principles. This commitment extends to forging partnerships with the finest suppliers worldwide. 

For V&M Naturals, the quality and origin of ingredients are pivotal to the efficacy and eminence of their products. “Our quest for partners extends beyond merely finding excellence—it’s also about ensuring that our values align seamlessly,” Velez says. 

Their Australian partners’ farms, for instance, uphold ethical farming practices and are accredited by the esteemed Therapeutic Goods of Australia (TGA). These partnerships extend to top-tier raw material suppliers from globally recognized regions, like France, Australia, Japan, and Switzerland, ensuring that each product released is bespoke and tailor-made exclusively for the brand. 

Looking ahead, Jam Velez and V&M Naturals have big plans to make an even greater impact. As they celebrate their “Crystal Year” in 2023, they’re set to unveil a collection of signature products. 

Included in the collection is the Diamond + Bakuchiol Emu Firming & Revitalizing Moisturizer, which promises to unveil a luminous, poreless, and ageless glow, with a 15-in-1 intensive formula that boasts a groundbreaking two-phase memory foam gel. 

In a world where the pursuit of beauty is often marred by artificial ingredients and misleading promises, V&M Naturals sets itself apart. Velez’s commitment to holistic wellness, natural beauty, and self-care is living proof of the transformative power of nature.

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