How To Turn Dream Celebrations Into Unforgettable Milestones With Ease

How To Turn Dream Celebrations Into Unforgettable Milestones With Ease


We all have dream executions of any celebration. From a fairytale-like wedding to grand birthday parties—special occasions have to be one that we’ll enjoy looking back to in the future. But it’s not something we could do on our own. To turn our dream celebration into an unforgettable milestone requires all the help we could get. And we know exactly where to find the very help you’ll need and it’s happening next weekend: Vows of Elegance.

Celebrating Unforgettable Milestones

For the past 25 years, Makati Shangri-La has been the home of many celebrations. From grand romantic unions to intimate birthday celebrations, the walls of its ballrooms have been witnesses in many occasions. And in this year’s Vows of Elegance, Makati Shangri-La offers inspiration and ideas to celebrants embarking on a milestone event.

The two-day event will be a day complete with everything you would need for your celebration. Not only are we getting an exclusive sneak peek of collections from designers Debbie Co, Michael Leyva, and Patricia Santos, we’re also going to get a glimpse of how pros like Joyce Aguilar, Nikki Chatto, Jo Claravall, Gideon Hermosa, Teddy Manuel, Zenas Pineda, Michael Ruiz, and Dave Sandoval style events.

Furthermore, guests can experience the exquisite and personalized Makati Shangri-La celebration experience. Don’t miss this event happening at Makati Shangri-La on September 22 and 23, 2018.

Follow the hotel’s official Facebook and Instagram pages, and @vowsofelegance on Instagram for more updates and wedding inspirations.

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