Want Megan Young’s Effortless Summer Glow? Here’s Her Secret

Want Megan Young’s Effortless Summer Glow? Here’s Her Secret


This summer, it is all about looking effortlessly glowing from within. Aside from focusing on the makeup and skincare products you religiously lather on your face, it is important to take note of what to put inside your body as well. After all, the inside counts just as much as the outside.


Enter Miss World 2013 Megan Young—one of the industry’s most beautiful, both inside and out. Just yesterday, she was announced as the newest endorser of Cosmo Skin, a beauty brand with products that does wonders on the complexion.


Radiating natural beauty, Megan truly shines as the newest face of the brand. If you’re wondering what products she uses for her glowing complexion this summer, she shares that it is the Cosmo Skin L-Glutathione and Cosmo Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink.

“I think these two supplements are perfect for the summer. Their L-Glutathione is not just about whitening, it’s an anti-oxidant, which takes away the toxins from your liver,” the beauty tells us.


In addition to this, she also likes the anti-aging property of the Skin Marine Collagen Powder Drink: “I also love the collagen supplement. We lose collagen little by little as we get older, so you’re helping regenerate that by taking this.”

“You should definitely be aware with supplements that you intake. You want to be as natural as possible, and that’s what I love about Cosmo Skin—it’s totally natural,” Megan adds.


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