Want Porcelain Skin? Get Your Hands On This Singaporean Beauty Brand

Want Porcelain Skin? Get Your Hands On This Singaporean Beauty Brand


Just this week, Singapore-based skincare brand Porcelain Skincare was launched at The Podium. Known for their customized treatment plans, the brand helps users with specific skincare concerns achieve long-term skin health. For around a decade now, they have been designing treatments, products, and holistic, personalized regimens around every single client’s skin.

“I often tell my staff that when clients come in and lie on our beds, they’re implicitly placing their trust, stories, and hopes in our therapists’ hands. We cannot betray that trust, and we must do all we can to help them achieve healthy skin,” says Pauline Ng, Porcelain Founder and Managing Director.

Porcelain Skincare’s 14 products aim to help clients achieve pH balance. For them, the ideal skin pH is 5.5 (slightly acidic), because at this state, the skin is said to be working at its optimum. Their products range from cleansers to serums to gel moisturizers, each one working its own unique type of magic. When Pauline walked us through each product, a few caught my eye: their non-abrasive exfoliator called the Revive Natural Skin Refiner, their Aloe Recovery Gel which she said was made of 99% stabilized aloe vera, and their Sebum Control Essence, which happened to be a crowd favorite.

“We continually develop or refine products and treatments to make them better, effective, and relevant to our clients. Acneic skin is our niche, and we’re best known for helping clients regain balanced, clearer, and healthier skin, including those with severe acne conditions, scars and marks,” Ng adds.

Even just a brief introduction to Porcelain would explain why the Singapore-based skincare brand gained a cult-like following. By treating skin at a cellular level, clients achieve skin that is clear, radiant and healthy from within.

Porcelain Skincare is available at The Podium’s Singaporium, a pop-up event that celebrates 50 years of diplomatic relations between Singapore and the Philippines. This is happening from September 6-15. 2019.

You may also order their products online at PorcelainSkin.com/Shop. For 10% off, you may use MEGA’s exclusive promo code: MegaPOPS10 for 10% off, valid at the Singaporium booth until September 15, 2019 and online until October 6, 2019. The promo code may only be used by 1 transaction. 

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