Want to Join a Sports Team as an Adult? Here are the Different Teams to Check Out in Metro Manila

Want to Join a Sports Team as an Adult? Here are the Different Teams to Check Out in Metro Manila


If you never had the chance to join a sports team as a kid, there’s no time like the present. Here are some recreational groups you can join now as an adult

Playing sports is a true lifestyle upgrade due to its benefits on overall health and happiness. Whatever your fitness level, age, or background, there’s a space for everyone in sports. You can go at it solo in sports like golf, with a partner in sports like padel, or with a team in sports like flag football. If you’re just starting out and in search of a recreational sports team to join, this list is for you.

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Indoor football

SPARTA Philippines is a sports and recreational training area in Mandaluyong that is a prime destination for indoor football—for kids and adults—and is a calisthenics academy. Besides training beginners, they also regularly hold beginner-friendly tournaments for adult recreational teams. You need only message their official page to get coaching and find your tribe among other football enthusiasts!

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Ultimate frisbee

Likewise, you can contact Manila Ultimate Frisbee Clinic and Pickup Games on Facebook for regular training as the group welcomes complete beginners. As the name suggests, the group conducts frisbee lessons in Metro Manila in cities like Taguig and Makati, and such clinics are open to everyone from beginners to experienced players. You can also take part in competitive pick-up games with members.

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Basketball and volleyball

As a multi-sports complex, Pretty Huge in Taguig also provides opportunities for people to join leagues in basketball and volleyball, as well as receive training for them to play in the youth or adult divisions, against and with elite competition, or just to have fun. Sign up, get coaching, and be on the lookout for community events.

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