Find Out How Your Favorite Beauties Got Ready For The #MEGAMillennialBall

Find Out How Your Favorite Beauties Got Ready For The #MEGAMillennialBall


Last week’s exciting #MEGAMillennialBall served us with a number of unforgettable beauty looks, from the classic yet always glamorous smoky eye to bright pops of color. Inevitably, this has got us wondering how our favorite celebrities got ready to look their very best. Thankfully, the gorgeous Michelle Dee helped us in getting to spill a few of their beauty secrets. See the videos for yourselves below:
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1. Kiana Valenciano

While her beauty look was sleek and alluring, Kiana shares that preparing for the ball was all about fun and relaxation. “My girlfriends and I just relaxed and put on face masks!” she says with a smile.

2. Megan Young

The glamorous Megan tells us that preparing for the ball was “all about chilling.” She also revealed some of her top beauty tips: to be happy (“because it shows if you are!”), to drink lots of water and to have a healthy relationship with food.

3. Bela Padilla

Fresh from Taiwan, Bela Padilla says she didn’t do too much to prepare herself before the ball. As she is an advocate of spreading positivity, however, she shares that she simply hung out with friends for some good vibes.

4. Jess Wilson
“I just went for the full nude look,” shares Jess, showing us that falling back to a look you’re comfortable with isn’t a bad thing. With her simple makeup and natural hair extensions, she seems to master the no-makeup makeup look at this point.

5. Martine Cajucom
We can always count on Martine for some tips on indulging your beautiful self. Before the MEGA Millennial Ball, she shares that she spent some quality time with herself, putting on a face mask and having a hot steam shower for effortless dewy skin before makeup.

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