Watch Out For These Red Flags Based on Filipino Movie Characters

Watch Out For These Red Flags Based on Filipino Movie Characters


Need to rewire your red flag radar? Here are five Filipino movie characters whose red flags may have been subtle, but are still something to watch out for

Guys and their red flags, it’s the ultimate “ick” that makes us head for the door. It has become second nature for most of us to easily spot a red flag, and we’re going to have to thank the movies we watched and books we’ve read over the years. But if you need a quick recap of some of them, here are five Filipino movies that have male characters who are walking red flags.

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The Hows of Us: The Dependent

We’ve seen this type of red flag get manipulative and dependent at the same time with their significant other. You’ll see this trait in Primo, played by Daniel Padilla. Primo was too focused on starting a music career that he had lost sight of the life he and George, portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo, were trying to build together. He also relied on George to pick up after him when situations would go wrong. In the end, Primo and George had to spend time apart to grow as healthy and independent individuals.

Exes Baggages: The Stuck on the Ex

You know when they would compare you to their ex almost all the time? Or they would always bring up anything about them? This one takes it to the next level because Carlo Aquino’s character Nix dated Angelica’s character Pia since she was the complete opposite of his ex. It’s possible to like someone for who they are, too, without having to relate it to a previous partner.

My Ex and Whys: The Gaslighter 

If a guy ever justifies an affair, that’s more than a sign to exit, girlie. Giving out second chances can be good sometimes, but if someone like Gio, played by Enrique Gil, can’t even fathom the consequences of going behind Calista, Liza Soberano’s character, then don’t bother.

One More Chance: The Controlling

There are some who like receiving the princess treatment, but not too much. In a lot of situations, especially when it comes to big decisions involving each other, talk about it together instead of just agreeing to everything they say. And most importantly, at least ask if they really want to eat the chicken skin.

Never Not Love You: The Selfish

Being supportive in a relationship goes both ways—that is until one takes advantage of it. Think of how James Reid’s Gio asked Nadine Lustre’s Joanne in Never Not Love You to leave her life in Manila so she can follow him straight to London even if she was close to getting a promotion. Why not give a LDR (long distance relationship) a shot first?

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