Zombie Fever: Watch These If You Still Can’t Get Over “All of Us Are Dead”

Zombie Fever: Watch These If You Still Can’t Get Over “All of Us Are Dead”


We don’t think this fever’s going to go down anytime soon. 

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It seems like we’ve been struck with another outbreak and we’re all infected with zombie fever. The host of this virus? Netflix K-Drama All of Us Are Dead

Since its worldwide release last January 28, the series has been all the buzz. To prove just how hyped everybody is, here are the hard numbers. Based on the Netflix Global Top 10 for TV (Non-English) during both shows’ premiere week, All of Us Are Dead superseded Squid Game’s total viewing hours by 61,600,000. That’s nearly double what the latter achieved during its first week. Daebak! 

Not only was social media teeming with content regarding the drama, but so were the billboards of Metro Manila. 

With all the love the Netflix K-Drama is receiving, it’s only natural to be hungry for more stories and tropes similar to those from All of Us Are Dead. We totally get it, chingu. To sate your hunger, here’s a definitive list of zombie content to devour for your next binge. Shall we say bon appétit


The plot is set in the post-COVID future—a prospective we all crave for.

Yoon Sae-Bom is a quick-witted and adamant policewoman. Alongside her is the honest detective Jung Yi-Hyun who’s equally smart. The pair have known each other since high school. To further thicken the plot, one of them has been madly in love with the other for quite some time now. Oooh, exciting!

Together, they go on full survival mode whilst being stuck in a sealed-off high-rise apartment with agitated and fear-stricken tenants who eventually develop symptoms of the infectious disease.

Determined to get to the bottom of the new virus plaguing the city, the two also tap Han Tae-Seok. He’s a lieutenant colonel who belongs to the health service command and has key information on a possible cure.

Happiness has a similar setting to the Netflix hit, Sweet Home, except the monsters here, are the unruly undead.

Love You as the World Ends 

Hibiki Mamiya is a car mechanic that lives with his high school sweetheart, Kurumi Ogasawara. On the day he plans to propose, his whole world is turned upside down. 4 days after experiencing an accident that gets him trapped, he escapes. However, what greets him is an entirely different landscape—gorier, scarier and filled with zombies. 

Those won’t hinder his search for his one true love, Kurumi, though. 

If you loved the romance trope in Netflix All of Us Are Dead, then this Japanese zombie series is the way to go.


The setting of this drama is during the Joseon dynasty, specifically three years after the Imjin War. Malicious rumors regarding the King’s health roam and grip the palace. However, this is not the only thing spreading, something sinister is also quickly overtaking the land. The kingdom’s last hope to survive the mysterious plague falls heavily on the shoulders of Crown Prince Lee Chang and his subordinates.  

If you’ve got a penchant for periodical K-dramas, then you’re in for a horrific treat with this. The good news is, if you enjoy Kingdom, there’s already a second season (Kingdom: Ashin of the North) to binge on, too. 

Train to Busan 

Zombie-movie-turned-classic, the film follows an emotionally distant father, his daughter and other passengers trapped in a speeding train set for Busan. After an infected girl jumps onto the carriage, pandemonium ensues. The zombie outbreak spreads like wildfire among the train’s commuters and on a bigger scale, all over South Korea. 

Fighting for their lives, a pack of folks of different strokes set out on a harrowing journey in an attempt to reach the only safe city in the country. 

When it comes to zombies, you simply can’t go wrong with this. This box office hit received a 94% certified fresh rating from the hard-to-please critics of Rotten Tomatoes.

If the film earns a thumbs-up from you after watching, then you might as well watch its sequel, Peninsula, too. 


Solely trapped inside his apartment, cut off from the digital world and struggling with a declining stock of necessities, a man tries to survive a grisly virus overtaking the city. Coming to his aid is his friendly neighbor. The only caveat? She’s in the building all the way across and the only way to get to her is through a swarm of ravaging zombies. 

One won’t be able to witness romance here, but the “survival mode” that fills the gripping scenes will be more than enough thrill. 

Zombie Detective 

Kim Moo-Young is a zombie living life as humanly as possible. After surviving two years without a single memory of life prior to his transformation, he opens an office to work as a private detective. In his new career, he crosses paths with Kong Sun-Ji, a previous writer for a current affairs complaint program. Eventually, she takes a part-time position under his office. 

Whilst solving crimes, Moo-Young is also in pursuit of unraveling the truth and secrets behind his mysterious past. 

If you loved the likes of American TV show iZombie and are looking for something with more levity as compared to the aforementioned shows, Zombie Detective is the perfect choice. 

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