Wax Your Way Through Summer with This DIY Kit

Wax Your Way Through Summer with This DIY Kit


Summer is making a comeback this year and Candied & Waxed is helping you say bye-bye to all your unwanted hair and get ready for the season

It’s that time of the year again when the weather is a lot hotter, the icy treats taste better, and the sun is sunnier than ever. Beach season is officially here. As travel restrictions loosen, you can’t help but think of booking somewhere nice with your friends or family for the much-awaited summer getaway you had planned two years ago. So, why not go ahead and make sure you’re ready for that bikini you can’t wait to put on?

If you’ve been missing your waxing salon appointments due to the quarantine and social distancing measures, that’s totally understandable. Candied & Waxed is here for you. With an all-natural DIY sugar waxing kit that won’t cost nearly as much as your salon appointments, you can strip off any unwanted hair on your body and be summer ready in no time.

One part excited, one part scared

It’s no longer a secret that taking the matter into your own hands can be intimidating and uncomfortable. No argument needed. You’ve had your fair share of waxing nightmares and even the scars to prove each one of them. And you probably have a ton of questions going on in your head right now, especially if you’re a first-timer. Thankfully, Candied & Waxed will be there with you through and through.

The Candied & Waxed DIY Waxing Kit comes with a care card that will give you a step-by-step approach to making sure you walk out of that bathroom smooth and stubble-free. From how-tos to pre- and post-waxing preps, the Candied & Waxed Care Card has got your back—no pressure.

Sashay the shaving away

What’s a DIY waxing kit without the star itself? The Candied & Waxed Sugar Wax is a combination of sugar, water, and citrus blends heated together. The mixture creates a deep brown, candy-like consistency similar to maple syrup, which is applied onto the skin in this form. There’s no actual wax included, and true enough with its sweet ingredients, the mixture is actually edible.

To add to that, Candied & Waxed Sugar Wax is not only 100% natural, but also chemical- and allergen-free. The citrus elements of the mixture are known to soothe your skin while waxing. Bid goodbye to all the unnecessary itch and irritation that come with eliminating the unwanted. And don’t forget to show the exit door to the shaving creams and lotions that only remove hair from the surface of your skin. Unlike those, Candied & Waxed Sugar Wax pulls unwanted hair from the roots (follicles) with little to no ingrown hair left behind. We’re not saying it’s going to be painless, but you and your bushy parts sure are being taken good care of. 

Well-maintained, from top to bottom

You don’t have to worry about not having enough for your DIY hair removal sessions. The Candied & Waxed Sugar Wax can cover a lot more than you can imagine. Crafted as a full body hair removal candy, a 300 ml jar of Candied & Waxed should last you either 10 to 15 underarm waxes, 4 to 5 full leg waxes, 5 to 10 full arm waxes, or 25 to 30 eyebrow waxes. More often than not, you still have a decent amount left for the next few rounds of bringing smoothness to your skin. 

On top of all that, Candied & Waxed DIY Waxing Kit includes 10 reusable waxing strips, two applicators, and freebie stickers. Because getting the pamper you deserve should harm neither your skin nor your wallet; Candied & Waxed believes so, too. If you want a safe, soothing, and sugary delight for your limbs and pits, you know where to look.

Don’t just take our word for it: Shop on Candied & Waxed’s Instagram or Shopee page and experience this sweet hair removal treat yourself.

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