Afraid Of The Sun? Here Are Fool-Proof Ways To Avoid It!

Afraid Of The Sun? Here Are Fool-Proof Ways To Avoid It!


We know exactly how it feels like to love summer but hate the sun. It’s the season of showing off your skin’s glow and going on brand new adventures. But most summer grinds require prolonged exposure to our frenemy: The Sun.
But there’s no need to ditch all the fun you can have this season. We know all right things to wear and do while you’re out and about under the summer sun. Read on to know how you can be sun-proof this summer!

Hair Protection

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Did you know that your hair is more prone to sun damage than your skin? Keep your hair protected with caps and hats, and use products that provide not only protection but repair from whatever damage the sun may cause.

Eye Protection

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Getting the perfect pair of sunglasses can be a challenge. From choosing the right shape to its features. In choosing, take note that darker lenses don’t necessarily mean they offer better UV protection. It’s all about the composition and not the shade.

Skin Protection

Sun-Proof Clothing

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Not everyone likes to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. So it’s best to wear clothes that provide UV protection even when the effects of your sunscreen wear out. Tightly woven clothes like denims have high UPF (UV Protection Factor). Lightweight fabrics with UV protection can be a bit of a splurge but definitely one that’s worth it.


Not all sunscreens are created equal. Some can provide you sun protection but leave you with a sticky feeling on the skin. And that can be such a downer during a supposedly worry-free vacay.

Sunscreens like Banana Boat’s Dry Balance sunscreen lotion and mist with SPF 50 will be your best friend this summer. It’s water-resistant and stays on in seven conditions: sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand, and even the scorching heat.
The best part is that it leaves you with a matte-finish giving off that non-sticky feeling that will make you enjoy all the adventure that awaits you this season.

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