We Ask Bianca Del Rio A Question She’s Never Been Asked Before

We Ask Bianca Del Rio A Question She’s Never Been Asked Before


Drag queen superstar Bianca Del Rio is surprised to answer a question she’s never been asked before. Her answers are just as surprising!

Popular reality show, Ru Paul’s Drag Race winner, Bianca Del Rio recently concluded her 2-night show here in Manila. After almost 5 years of waiting, Filipino fans of the comedian finally got a chance to see her. LA Comedy Live answered the clamor of local drag fans with not just one, but two shows of her It’s Jester Joke tour. This marks Manila as the only country in Asia to have two shows—the first one sold out in an hour.

As an insult comic, Bianca Del Rio is most famous for her snarky remarks and frank comedy. She’s not afraid to tell it as it is, and fans love her for it. Her exceptional skills in costume making and stand-up have catapulted her to the top of the drag game. These, among many else, have secured her win in the sixth season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Bianca Del Rio MEGA
Bianca Del Rio gamely answers our questions in her signature rapid fire and shady way.

Beauty and the beast

Bianca Del Rio is also famous for her trademark drag makeup, which plays around the concept of being a clown. She’s elevated it in her own distinct way—with polished, big hair and a clean silhouette. It’s no surprise that the drag queen superstar has ventured into both beauty and fashion. Her foray into the beauty industry was received very well, with her makeup remover deemed a breakout product. Her peers and beauty fans alike considered the Bianca Remover revolutionary.

It only came naturally for us to ask about her beauty regimen, what with her signature look that’s tedious to do. Bianca answered the question, but not before she exclaimed that she has never before been asked about her skincare.

So, what’s her top three beauty products? First, of course, is her Bianca remover, which is effective enough to remove the heaviest drag makeup. The second came as a surprise. Bianca Del Rio uses Johnson’s Baby Shampoo as a facial wash. A dermatologist recommended it to her, with the gentle shampoo being able to wash away mascara and build-up around the eyes. The best part she says, is that it doesn’t burn the eyes. Bianca shares that her third beauty essential is a moisturizer because she’s old. She added that with every glass of wine she gets dryer and dryer, which was met with peals of laughter from the media.

What’s Next For Bianca Del Rio

With Bianca’s successful career, we couldn’t help but wonder what’s next for the multi-talented queen. She has ventured into movies, beauty and fashion, and launched sold-out solo show tours—what else can’t she do?

Her answer? Watch the video below to find out from the queen herself.


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