We Found the Power Suit That Influencers Can’t Get Enough Of

We Found the Power Suit That Influencers Can’t Get Enough Of


Why are influencers flocking to get these unique power suits? They’re not just empowering, but they’re also incredibly stylish

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, it’s not just about what you wear, but how you wear it. And lately, our favorite style influencers have been flaunting a trend that’s equal parts fierce and fabulous. We’re talking about power suits made by local designer Kyna Gem, also known as the outfit that’s taking courage to the next level. Laureen Uy, Janeena Chan, Queen Semana, and Camille Co have all been spotted rocking this empowering ensemble, and we can’t help but be obsessed.

Photo: AMEN GLOBAL CO (via Instagram)

Corset and suit? We think, yes! 

Now, we know what you’re thinking—corsets as a symbol of courage? Isn’t that a bit old-school? Well, think again! Janeena Chan sees corsets not as a tool of restriction, but as a statement of audacious fearlessness. The lining of these suits features a bold artwork—a tiger stepping onto a pool of water, ready to walk with courage and awareness. It embodies the idea that stepping out of your comfort zone is the first step toward experiencing greatness and miracles.

Asymmetry is back in 2023 

The Asymmetrical Suit is all about celebrating your unique self. There are no two identical suits in the world, just like how there’s no one quite like you. Blend in the 2023 trend of asymmetry with something more formal like a suit. When you’re confident in yourself, you don’t have time for comparisons, just like Camille Co. She has become the blueprint for many influencers, which makes a lot of sense given her sense of style. 

Give it some French flair

Discipline is the name of the game when it comes to the Double Breasted Combat Suit. Its structured and strict design pays homage to the value of discipline in reaching your ambitions. The lining features ants, symbolizing the devotion it takes to achieve your goals. That’s why it works so well with entrepreneur-influencer Laureen Uy who has been hustling in the game ever since. 

The Oversized Suit

This does nothing but embrace growth and limitlessness. The free silhouette and five pockets of the Oversized Suit represent our ever-expanding capacity in expertise and character. The artwork lining the suit showcases plants and greenery, reminding us that our growth is limitless and within our control. The direction, pace, and vastness of our growth are all up to us.

Photo: AMEN GLOBAL CO (via Instagram)

So, there you have it—the four suits that can be customized to match your style, personality, and aspirations. When you slip into one of these power suits, you’re not just dressing for the occasion; you’re dressing for your dreams. 

Step out with courage, embrace your uniqueness, conquer your ambitions with discipline, and grow limitlessly. After all, fashion is more than just clothing; it’s a reflection of who you are and who you’re becoming. Get ready to turn heads, inspire others, and make a statement with these incredible creations. Your power suit awaits!

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