We Just Discovered A New Planet In Sunnies World—And We Are Ready To Crash Land Here

We Just Discovered A New Planet In Sunnies World—And We Are Ready To Crash Land Here


Without having to launch into outer space, Sunnies World takes on a maze-like adventure to their new digs: an all-under-one-roof retail space that houses anything and everything Sunnies—and we are clearly obsessed with all the details.

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“This was always the dream,” writes Eric Dee Jr. on his Instagram page showing a 90s-style moving image—an 8-bit globe rotating with the ring of words “Sunnies World” strewn across. “[Five] years in the making. So excited for you guys to experience all brands in one space.”

While it sounded lofty, this realization was merely a jigsaw puzzle of years of hard work, consolidating facets of the Sunnies lifestyle under one immersive boutique store. And it is nothing short of spectacular, especially if you are a longtime fan and subscriber to the SoCal mood of soft pastel hues, diffused light, and a lush, languid, lingering vibe. All these are heightened and more at the brand’s latest passion project—their biggest one yet—Sunnies World. At 260-square meters, the flagship store brings all together your favorite under one roof: Sunnies Studios, Sunnies Specs, Sunnies Face, and a pop-up fixture turned regular joint, Cup Point.

Designed like a catacomb, one that is engineered with photo opportunities at every corner, the labyrinthine Sunnies World lets you choose your desired entry point: whether your initial intention be for sunglasses, prescription eyewear, or their cult-favorite beauty brand. Working your way inside is immersive as it is ergonomic, allowing you to complete the full Sunnies experience in one seamless go. (This may affect your conscious shopping to-do, but isn’t that the joy of shopping anyway?)

Photo from @beibeidee on Instagram

All the best is present: their of-the-moment eyewear (you have to look up from the midpoint and recreate that Britney Spears moment for the ‘Gram as per Bea Soriano-Dee and Jess Wilson.) and specs (housed in an eye-catching limestone display) and beauty products (look closely at the store colors because it mimics the OG fluffmate tube), at quality designs and price points, of course. Situated in the space is the first-ever in-house lab of Sunnies Specs, which means you can get your 20/20 vision in just 19 minutes. Meanwhile, unique to Sunnies World is an assortment of cool, limited edition merch that ranges from a plush sweater, tote bag, stickers, a flask, and the Sunnies Agenda.

The thoughtfully edited retail space converges at the hangout spot-meets-cafe exclusive, Cup Point, an oasis where you can wait for your specs to be done, or for the boys, a place to rest while the ladies go swatch crazy at Sunnies Face. Featuring a curated menu of hot and iced drinks, you can enjoy a cuppa or two from their list such as the standard Americano, Mocha, Cappuccino. If you are caffeine averse, there is a decadent Cereal Milkshake or Iced Matcha you can choose from. (If anyone needs to know, our early favorites are the Iced Honey Latte and the Dirty Matcha.)

Fully functional and operational, Sunnies World has already attracted a steady flow of customers, all ranging from fans to curious onlookers from its carefully thought of vantage point from the mall’s walkway periphery. Whether it is to grab the latest eyewear, to (finally!) upgrade your specs, to try out what Fluffmate shade works for you,  or even just to hang while taking in all of what the planeteers of Sunnies has to offer, Sunnies Studios is definitely a spot worth looking into to—no NASA-grade spaceships necessary.

The new Sunnies World flagship store is located at 3rd floor of Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.

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